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  • I want to share an idea for a plug in that I may develop if others are interested in the idea as well. Basically, I want to make it possible to display a simple swath of text above a blog entry with a disclaimer, or link to a full disclaimer. I imagine some rudimentary way to do this, such as considering any IP address that has visited 5 or less times to be new. I realize this fails on proxies, but I think it is well enough to work most of the time.

    My motivation is to ease someone into the blog space who may come upon it the first time. It can take a little time for someone to acclimate to a person’s writing “voice”. I also think it may be helpful if someone is concerned about impressions from a potential employer or other sensitive situations to direct a newcomer to a disclaimer before delving into the content.

    Does this interest anyone else?

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  • I just wanted to issue a follow up on this. I have something in progress on my site, but it isn’t ready for general use. I see the functionality of such a plug in to fall somewhere between the normal installation and password protected style in the following plug-in:

    While it is progressing nicely, I’ve run into a bit of a snag. I want the disclaimer to appear above the content and below the masthead. I don’t know of any filters or actions that give me access to this portion of the site. I see two options:

    1) Add a <div id="precontent"> tag to a template and call my plug-in method directly. I’m doing this now just for testing, but I don’t like it since it requires tinkering with templates and violates the simplicity of the plug-in model.

    2) Add a “precontent” action to the plug-in API

    I like #2, but can someone in the wordpress cabal tell me if this would be a reasonable addition to the codebase? Am I overlooking an action or filter here?

    I just wanted to say that I would definitely be interested in this plugin when you are finished with it.

    I cannot offer any development help though, that is beyond my skillset.

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