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  • I’m using ICS Calendar v1.2.12. I am importing a calendar I have of family birthdays and anniversaries from a shared calender from iCal. All the events are single, all day events.

    When the list prints out on the page, most show as spanning two days and include an hour (seems it’s a timezone error). However, it keeps duplicating a few people’s birthdays rather than listing all the birthdays and most the dates it shows are wrong. It has a birthday from 9 February show up on the 9th and then about 4 other times in Feburary, March, etc.

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  • This doesn’t seem to be a timezone issue. I’ve imported a different calendar that doesn’t use all day events so that the time would be meaningful, and the times are all correct. Also, the dates are correct and I don’t have tons of duplicates.

    After some experimenting, the problem occurs when I mark the event as recurring every year. Can this be fixed?

    I found that the seconds for yearly repeating was calculated off 365 * 25 * 60 * 60. I’m not sure what 25 is, so I changed it to 24. Now I don’t have tons of duplicates or multiday events, but each year the event is another day too early. Then it messes up after year 2035. But I only want to display this year (though date limiting seems broken, only Upcoming events work) so that won’t matter.

    Try the newest version (v1.3.0) and see if that fixes your issue. Also, as far as the year 2035 goes, that is the year when UNIX time won’t work any more because the UNIX timestamp will be bigger than an integer. This will most likely be fixed before then 🙂

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