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  • nateswart


    Is this plugin still being maintained? It doesn’t look like there has been much developer activity for quite some time.

    I tried to contact the developer on his website but the contact form isn’t functioning.


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  • joshuaiz


    Same problem here.

    And me. I’ve got an issue with double counting the daylight savings from Google calendar. It is a real shame as it is far and away the best calendar viewer I’ve tried out.

    I know that Daniel was very active when I started using this plugin. I have an email into him based on a response I got in 2009. We’ll see if he’s still checking his email. My issue is with the pop ups (when you hover over an event) being unreadable. They start to blink or flash in firefox and explorer (if anyone has a fix).

    This is/was a GREAT and USEFUL plugin…

    This plugin is great but if Daniel is not updating it anymore, maybe someone has another plugin suggestion for displaying .ics events. My main issue with ICS Calendar is the css of the widget version.

    Hi kristel,

    my plugin seems to be well regarded

    Yes, thank you. I also tested it but could not find a way to hide the ‘description’ of an event.

    hi Kristel


    Go to list type you wish to configure (eg: no 1)
    Scroll down to “specify fields…”, open it
    Find Description – set col to 0. Update.

    No more description visible

    Great. Thank you very much. I will try and if I still have questions, I will ask them in your plugin topics 🙂

    Is the consensus that the ICS Calendar import plugin is not being maintained? I tried contacting the developer as well. His captcha’s broken.

    While the plugin certainly works just fine in 3.2.1, I see where some of the code could be cleaned up & as others have noted, there are some CSS issues. Anmari, I’ll look at your plugin, too.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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