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  • Same here. If you find a solution please share.

    I have the same problem. I’m receiving the same message, however with code 503.
    Tried to contact the developers but they don’t answer.
    Maybe widget needs an update??

    This plugin uses the unofficial Google Weather API. However this API was stopped by Google 2 days ago. This was not an official API, so they don’t have to announce anything.

    it wont be hard use different source.. I have looked at the code and we have to change one line of code only.

    I do not have a time right now, but I’ll fix it later anyway. I let you know.

    Be good if we could hook it into here:

    Thanks 2046, It would be great if you could supply an update as some of us don’t have the technical know how 😛


    Yes, a fix would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m sorry guys, the fix turned into bit more work then I expected.
    The result is a new plugin. Soon in repository.

    Let us know when it’s released! I loved the art to this plugin, so hopefully your new plugin will be able to use those optionally if needed! Also caching is a must!

    Here it is, so you can test it out.



    Hi 2046, I am now using your plugin. Thanks for building this.

    I am trying to input the city Roseworthy, Australia. (this one however when I put roseworthy in the location it looks to be bringing back a different one.

    When I try and type Roseworthy, AU, or similar the comma seems to break the code and I lose everything. The site displays broken.

    Could you please let me know whats going wrong and how to fix this? thanks




    I have checked it “all”, and this is my conclusion.
    The forecast on the WWO homepage is more accurate then what we get from them. It’s kind of approximation, That’s is most likely the reason, in the differences you see there and on your site.
    Though if you switch to extended mode the actual weather matches to what they show on their page.

    I have made couple new features in the plugin, like:

    • Word “Today” in extended mode is renamed to “actual weather” which actually is what it says.
    • NEW – from now you can define the country as well, it makes sense if there are 2 or more cities with the same name all over the world (not mandatory)
    • NEW – if you there is a error from the server, either because you have added wrong pair of city and state or something, it tells you
    • NEW – debug mode. If you are not sure what’s going on, this will output the raw data from WWO, so you know what’s behind it

    All these will be in new release 1.5 .. just uploading.

    let me know if that helps.
    kind regards 2046

    Hi 2046 I was wondering if you were going to upload this to the WordPress Plugin Repository? Anything I can do to help?

    At a recent WordCamp in Vancouver I recently heard the getting your code reviewed by another dev will help it along.

    I also like downloading plugins from the WordPress repository as I know they are somewhat vetted and safer to use. IMHO



    @rdall: I agree. WordPress Repo all the way.




    the plugin is in the repo for some time already

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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