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  • This plugin is for mobile phones visiting your blog. The plugin installer automatically uploads and unpacks the zip file where it wants it. When you read the install instructions on the wordpress webside, it says to move the “iammobiled-blue-heart” folder, which is a subfolder of the plugin folder, to another destination within wordpress. When I try to move it, it won’t allow it. I tried zipping and uploading this subfolder separately but then it says it won’t install because it doesn’t have the correct header. Therefore wordpress on your blog site says that the immobiled plugin is installed but it’s only partially installed. The plugin is installed but there are 2 choices of styles within the plugin. That part won’t install so it doesn’t work when you go to the blog with your mobile phone. I’m reasonably good with websites as I hand coded my website with php and html but I cannot figure out how they want this installed. If someone knows what I did wrong that would be helpful.

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  • Now I know the problem and I hope this helps someone else also. You have to install this twice I think. Install once as a plugin. Then go to the settings tab at the bottom left of your wordpress console. The immobiled should show up as one of the settings. Click on it. It should show available themes within the mobile setting. Your main web theme probably still displays. If so, check if the immobiled blue heart theme shows as well and activate it. If this doesn’t show up yet, then go to the themes tab on your console. The immobiled theme should be there. If it isn’t, go to themese > install (not plugins > install). Upload the zip file as a theme as well. This is the 2nd time you are uploading it. It will unzip itself. Go back to themes. It should be there now. If so, do not activate it in the themes tab or it will be the theme even for normal browsing. Instead, go back to the bottom left of your console page. Click on “settings” and then on the “immobiled” link. You’ll now see the blue heart theme as one of the possible themes for “Mobile browsing”. Activate it for mobile browsing. Everything should work now. It did for me. I hope this helps someone else. If there is a quicker way to avoid all this, someone should post it in case there are other dummies like me.

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    Hi rcarlson,
    The upcoming new version will be easy to install. It will be live in the coming weeks.

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