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  • Hi folks,

    as I am working on a new plugin which will have a lot of features more than the existing “I am reading” plugin I am looking for a coder who would like to take the lead of development.

    “I am reading” is a small plugin with a (as many people say) great admin interface and is easy to use. It´s goal is to show a blog´s visitors which book the author is reading right now – that´s it. Many people like it just for that simplicity and don´t want to get a big and fat application, so I decided to check if there´s a coder outside who would go on developing some smaller features and optimizing the code (especially the template).

    This is what you get:

    • the plugin´s code
    • the plugin´s homepage
    • you will be the plugin´s author and get access to SVN at, etc.

    so I´d really like to give the whole project into new hands.

    There have been 1,047 Downloads since the official release at and most of the feedback which comes in by email is positive. There are no known bugs at this point, but some feature requests which aren´t all uninteresting.

    The code is structured in an acceptable style (as I think) and there are 2 classes for retrieving book data from Amazon and Open Library, so it´s easy to get things done. I will stay in contact with the new leader and help out if there are questions relating to the code or plugin development, of course.

    The plugin´s domain ( should be transferred to the new leader.

    The plugin at I am reading
    The plugin´s homepage:

    For all who are interested to keep this project moving please tell me in a few sentences if you´ve got experiences in plugin development and what´s your vision of the plugin´s future (new features, etc.).

    Regards from Germany,

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  • Thanks for your response (most came in by email) !

    There are some really interesting guys out there and I think there will be a new and powerful leader in a while.

    Thx to all,

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