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  • Plugin Author Johan Ahlbäck


    I will look into this now.


    thank you, I also noticed that at some stage text from your plugin was inserted into every page (I belive it was “This list does not exist”)
    It was on a testing site wirth lots of plugins and themes.

    I was looking for a plugin that does some of the functionality that this plugin does.
    I’m not a developer or anything. So, I do not claim I know a lot about reading and editing code. Still, I have some knowledge.

    I tried the plugin and it did not save tasks as it should be. I had a look at the file “hyperchecklist.php” and I found a mistake at the function “function install()” that creates the database table.

    here is how it looks like :
    `global $wpdb;
    $table = $wpdb->prefix . ‘hcl_listitems’;
    $sql = “CREATE TABLE $table (
    list_id INT NOT NULL ,
    name TEXT NULL ,
    desc LONGTEXT NULL ,
    users LONGTEXT) NULL ,
    status INT(11) NULL ,
    listorder INT(11) NULL ,
    lastchangedby VARCHAR(45) NULL,
    lastchanged DATETIME NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (id) );”;`

    The mistake here is in line 6 where it should create the users column.

    I fixed this by creating the table myself in my database using this code:

    CREATE TABLE wp_hcl_listitems (
    			<code>id</code> INT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,
    			<code>list_id</code> INT NOT NULL ,
    			<code>name</code> TEXT NULL ,
    			<code>desc</code> LONGTEXT NULL ,
    			<code>users</code> LONGTEXT NULL ,
    			<code>status</code> INT(11)  NULL ,
    			<code>listorder</code> INT(11)  NULL ,
    			<code>lastchangedby</code> VARCHAR(45) NULL,
    			<code>lastchanged</code> DATETIME NULL,
    			PRIMARY KEY (<code>id</code>) );

    And that fixed it right up.

    But, I’m having an issue with showing the result in the checklist page. Although in the instructions it says that the plugin should create one. It did not and I had to create one and assign it in the options.

    But, still getting an error when I load the page assigned.

    Hope I helped an I’ll look into my issue and try to fix it.

    Big thanks for ferenyl for the amazing plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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