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  • I installed Hyper Cache in my blog last Wednesday and now looked at its stats to see this:

    Total cached pages (cached redirect is counted too) 7473

    Isn’t 7,473 cached pages too much?!

    Expire a cached page after is set to 60
    Autoclean every is set to 1440

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  • An error in default configuration set autoclean to a value too large and the cache expiration time too low. Change the values: set the timeout for page to 1440 and autoclean to 60.

    This configuration keeps the cache storage space much lower. To estimate if the number of cache files is too much, I need to know how many posts your blog has. Remember that every tag (if you use tags) is at least a page.

    Traffic is another parameter to evaluate: users and bots trigger page caching on each request they do. High traffic on a bug blog leads to ahve many page cached.

    Have you Global Translator active? If so, look at Hyper Cache configuration: there are some tips on the advanced options.

    Have you changed the permalink structure recently? If so you are issuing a lot of redirects… disable the redirect caching.

    But they’re set to 1440 and 60, as I said in the first post of this thread.

    My blog has almost 10,000 posts. I use tags nowadays, but it’s something recent for me. I have about 4,300 tags in my database.

    Traffic might be it, but I still think that’s pretty high.

    I don’t know what Global Translator is.

    Cache the WP redirects is NOT checked.

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