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  • Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    While this is uncommon, it is not unheard of. There’s Thesis OpenHook. Maybe even some others. I’m not sure because I haven’t really checked.

    I don’t really see a problem. The plugin itself meets all the requirements needed for submission.

    “Crowded and unmanageable”? There’s nearly 6,000 plugins now. What would a few extra plugins really do to make this more crowded and unmanageable?

    * Why shouldn’t users of Hybrid Tabs be able to upgrade their plugin with ease?
    * Why shouldn’t other developers be able to take this GPL-licensed code and learn and build from it?

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    Now that I’ve had time to sit down and respond:

    Since Hybrid Tabs is too exclusive, why don’t we just start weeding out all of the other plugins that have been created for a specific set of users.

    How about Easy Adsense? It’s only reserved for those users with Google Adsense accounts.

    Only so many people have a Twitter account, so maybe Twitter Tools is too exclusive. I mean, the plugin will only work correctly if you have Twitter, right?

    How about plugins that only work with a service owned by Automattic? Akismet? IntenseDebate? Poll Daddy?

    Maybe plugins that only work with other plugins (i.e., BuddyPress)?

    That really takes the cake doesn’t it? I mean, a plugin that requires a plugin to work. What kind of craziness is that? 😉

    The point I’m getting to is that plugins are created for a specific set of users. Hybrid Tabs is no more or less exclusive than anything I’ve mentioned above.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    I love this plugin, and I think it belongs in the repository, as well as all the other stuff that Justin does for the WordPress community. Because he does a lot, and is one of the most important theme- and plugindevelopers, in my humble opinion.

    As far as I can tell from the readme.html, anybody can put this into their theme in a few steps. It’s true that Justin was motivated to put this into the wild, by his extensive ThemeHybrid-community, but that’s only beneficial to the WordPress community. Now everyone can take this further, and make it even cooler 🙂

    I for one would love to see someone doing something like this with it 🙂

    And of course it’s GPL, so if you don’t like it, you’re free to change it 🙂

    Onewalrus – are you kidding me. This plugin meets all of the requirements for submission, so what are you on about — exclusivity? — thousands of people make use of his “FREE” theme “Hybrid” as well as this plugin…
    Besides – as tntc1978 says – its GPL and if you look at the code, it doesn’t take more than two braincells to adapt it to any theme you want.

    This Onewalrus Dude – I thinks – is trying to attract link juice – with Matt’s post on GPL and The thousands of people who use/love/ justin’s “Hybrid” and all his contributions to the wordpress community. This onewalrus fellow and this topic itself is a total waste of a good database table/column.

    Besides, his webdesign for is STOLEN from They are complete mirror images of each other – Shame on you Onewalrus for stealing other peoples work.


    This topic is too dumb for inclusion in the WordPress support forums. Rather than try getting a perfectly good plugin removed from WP you should have been campaigning to have this nifty little plugin expanded to work with other themes.

    I dont really understand the problem.

    As long as the plugin states clearly what it supports, and the code it supports are GPL, theres no problem.

    Plugins supporting code thats only commercial available or not GPL would be a different story.

    The code is up for grabs if someone wants to fork it and make it compatible with some other themes.

    Should plugins adding specific functionality to P2 ( Prologue 2 ) or a plugin that adds new functionality to another plugin not be allowed, like the NextGen Gallery addons etc ?

    That would be just plain stupid.

    I humbly retract my obviously uninformed question of plugin exclusivity.
    Lesson learned: Don’t question or criticize members of a club you don’t belong to.
    OK, I’m stupid and out of place. I apologize for taking up space and time on this. I wasn’t expecting such a brutal assault.

    Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God


    I’ve personally offered several counterpoints to your argument. You are free to respond to those points.


    I`d say the negative

    Now this takes the cake.

    remark is what upsets people.

    General questions on inclusion rules and practice would not upset anyone and would be a valid discussion, though the plugin repository is only a hosting subversion repository service for plugin developers and a centralized download service for end-users.

    Plugin developers use this repository when developing new plugins reusing bits of code in the spirit of GPL, and even if a plugin have some exclusive use out-of-the-box the code is shared for anyone to modify and build on which is an important freedom ( to paraphrase Matt )

    When end-users browse and download plugins from extend, they must always filter out what they actual may and want to use. Lots of plugins have either bad coding, security problems, incompatibility with other plugins or themes, or just doesnt support the latest builds of WordPress.

    You`re not getting the heat because you

    questioned a club your not a member of

    , youre getting the heat because you jumped to a uninformed conclusion:

    Now this takes the cake.

    , and use demagogic arguments about what Hybrid users consider a great service offered by Tadlock and Automattic/WordPress.

    The slip-up with your site and the overwriting of original copyright notice in css didnt make commenter’s more friendly.

    I humbly retract my obviously uninformed question of plugin exclusivity. Lesson learned: Don’t question or criticize members of a club you don’t belong to. OK, I’m stupid and out of place. I apologize for taking up space and time on this. I wasn’t expecting such a brutal assault.

    Let me resubmit this remark…

    I think you started something you don’t want to or can’t finish. Your passive-aggressive approach just makes you look worse. Either respond intelligently to the counterarguments or let it go.

    Curtis Penner,
    I started something I should not have. I have retreated and retracted willingly and without concern for appearances or further analysis. It’s called defeat. Make of it what you wish as I have no intelligent explanation beyond apology and defeat. I am a lowly tinkerer/hobbyist who deconstructs as a learning exercise. In the future, I will read/investigate more before posing so as to avoid ill-phrased/abrasive questions. It is starkly apparent that I am ignorant of the nuances, technicalities and organizational order. And so, without contention, argument or malice, I let it go.

    I wish I could code and develop. It only takes few thousand hours to learn it through errors and solutions.
    Good luck Justin and all envolved in developing.

    WTH are you all about?. Onewalrus had something on his mind, but because you don´t like what he has to say dosen´t mean you should bash him to oblivion. So get down from your almighty horses and move on.

    I think our almighty horses may have already been put out to pasture.
    Because that’s what we are all about…

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