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  • Looked through the documentation, but didn’t see this addressed.

    I’d like to not have the RSS embedded when displaying the home page blogroll, but if somebody click on an individual blog entry, I’d love to have the RSS feed appear below.

    This is a podcast, and I’m pulling phpbb forum posts about that episode over into wordpress instead of a second comments section.

    Any idea how to accomplish this?

    Many thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Jason


    You could do this using the template feature. The template would look something like this:

    <div><a href="#" onclick="showItem('item-{{index}}');">{{title}}</a></div>
    <div id="item-{{index}}" style="display:none;">{{description}}</div>

    that’s a simplistic template but has the parts needed to do the visibility. it makes a call to a non-existant javascript function “showItem” which could just be any javascript code to toggle visibility, or a more fancy jquery animation or whatever you want to do.

    Thank you for the reply!
    I’m fairly new to wordpress, therefor am quite dumb about many things.

    If I understand correctly, wouldn’t this same javascript be called whether the blogroll of a single page is displayed? Since the template can only be specified once.
    So the javascript would have to do the determining of what page is being displayed?


    Plugin Author Jason


    no problem. well I’m actually referring to a template in the plugin settings for HungryFEED. Not to be confused with WordPress page templates.

    The HungryFEED template is repeated for each item in the feed.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding, then.

    I have a wordpress prodcast and a phpBB forum. I’m disabling any commenting in wordpress. The blogroll should contain latest episodes. When the episode is clicked, you get taken to the single entry page. At this point I’d like to use HungryFEED to display forum posts taken from that episode discussion on phpBB.

    However, I’d like to prevent those comments from being shown for each episode on the blogroll, for design reasons.

    My understanding is that the HungryFEED template can be chosen per shortcode, however, it will always appear in an entry regardless if that entry is being displayed on the blogroll or viewed as a single entry. Is this correct?


    Plugin Author Jason


    there are 3 HungryFEED templates and you can use a different template for the entry shortcode vs. the blogroll (I’m assuming you mean in the sidebar area).

    As far as showing the comment feed for each entry, that’s do-able as long as phpBB gives you a unique RSS url for each episode. I don’t know much about phpBB so I can’t help with that.

    Ah, I was being daft. I simply inserted a “More” tag into the post directly above the call to HungryFEED. Then on the main page it shows the post up to “more”, but not the RSS. Then when you go to a single entry or click more, the HungryFEED rss gets called exactly as desired.

    Many thanks for helping me!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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