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  • I uploaded HungryFEED, created cache folder and writeable CHMOD, and it pulls my feed. My questions are:

    1. How do I use the Templates in order to show the feed content? Where do I place the Template code so it shows the feed content on the Home page. All I get, using [hungryfeed url=””] is the title of the post: “Acid Reflux Latest Posts” and the “Read more…” link which, when clicked, goes to a category page that shows all the new feed items.

    2. How can I limit the number of posts that are fetched and published at one fetch? I would like to limit this to 5 posts, once a day (24 hours).

    3. How does HyngryFEED process the Cron operation and can this be edited to limit the number of Cron triggering to once a day so I don’t overload my server? I have multiple blogs on which I want to run HungryFEED so the less queries the better.

    I have been using FeedWordPress plugin but my host has complained that it’s resource heavy so I am hoping HF is a good alternative.

    Keep in mind I am not a coder but I am not a complete novice either. I can edit templates, HTML, and php files with proper coding examples to follow. I find the support articles and documentation a little too techie for me. I just can’t figure it out without help in layman’s language.

    I would even be willing to talk with someone about paying a fee for prompt resolution of these issues and solving any glitches that arise.

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    Update of my previous Support questions.

    1. Look at the home page under the thumbs and the sticky posts to see what it looks like now. I tried adding template=”1″ into the post page but nothing changes. The code is [hungryfeed url=”” template=”1″] as your video shows.

    3. I figured out the cron triggering question and have edited the Cache Timeout to slow down the number of feed queries.

    2. Still not resolved. I can’t find an answer to limiting the number of posts that are fetched and published.

    Hanging in here until I get this to work.


    Plugin Author Jason


    1. to use the template feature you just have to specify in your shortcode which template to use, for example [hungryfeed url=”…” template=”1″]

    2. I answered that in your other post

    3. There is no cron – hungryfeed doesn’t have any automation. The feed is retrieved on demand when a user visits the page. Then it is cached for all subsequent visitors until the cache expires. You control the cache timeout in the settings page.

    OK, Jason, I am beginning to understand some of this. Thanks for hanging in here with me.

    The template=”1″ addition apparently works when clicking on the Read More link. The page it links to shows all the posts. I simply cannot get the posts to show on the Home Page.

    I still don’t see how to limit the number of posts that get published. Are you saying that number is controlled by the feed itself and cannot be controlled on my end?

    As for Crons: A visitor triggers the feed fetch and the data is cached and held for a time limit set in the cache timeout. The cache is replenished by the first visitor who arrives after the timeout. Since there is no automatic Cron built into HungryFEED, is the built-in wp-cron.php actually what is fetching the feed?

    If I set the Cache Timeout for 36000 seconds (10 hours), just for example, the feed will be fetched from the feed source only once in that 10 hours, and, if I have 50 visitors in that 10 hours, the feed data is fetched from the cache 50 times in that 10 hours, once for each visitor. Is this correct?

    Plugin Author Jason


    if you set the cache for 10 hours then your feed will be re-loaded once every 10 hours, regardless of whether 1 person or a 1,000 visit your site. i hope that helps to explain it better.

    Sorry for my noobness about these tech issues. I am trying to determine how many times an attempt is made to fetch the feed from the feed source and how many times from the cache in that 10 hour period.

    Feed fetch = ? times in 10 hours right now.
    Cache fetch = ? times in 10 hours right now.

    I am concerned about server load as I run multiple blogs. I am considering disabling the wp-cron.php from automatically triggering when the blog loads. Instead, I want to trigger wp-cron.php on a set schedule with a Cron job created on my server to better control server load.

    I read about it here:

    Thanks again and again!

    Plugin Author Jason


    in 10 hours the feed would be fetched from the rss provider exactly one (1) time. see

    A “very simple” answer and an interesting link to more info. Thanks, Jason.

    I see now that SimplePie is a critical part of HungryFeed. I am learning. Not too bad for a 69 year old retired guy. LOL!


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