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    I’ve been trying all of the HTML5 video plugins for wordpress that I could find and every other one of them kept failing on IOS (iphone/ipad), but this one so far is working pretty good. I do have 1 suggestion and 2 questions however.

    Suggestion: The button for the shortcodes from the media library is helpful, but I think you should also put in your documentation how to manually use the shortcodes. I had to view the source so I could use a video that wasn’t in the media library. Not a big deal for a plugin developer, but for other people it would be useful.

    Question: I am loading the code into a modal window so that when someone clicks links the modal opens and the video player is there. Problem is I can’t use autoplay since the videos are in hidden div’s until they’re loaded into the modal window. Is there any way to trigger the play via jquery or javascript?

    Question: Can you include the javascript file with the plugin rather than remote loading so if one day that disappears, it’s still being used locally?

    I hope you guys don’t disappear like so many others =)

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  • Edit: Firefox was just being stupid. =P

    Ok, I may have found a bug… or Firefox is being stupid… I have 6 videos on one page. The first video loaded fallsback to flash, the other 5 are only loading using the <video> tag which isn’t working in FF (using v. 16)

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    Thanks for the great feedback. I’ve updated the code to include your suggestions. 1.0.2 now has a new attribute to specify “Auto” or “Manual” setup. If you set this to “Manual” then you can use the VideoJS API to play, pause, and do other things with the videos when your modal pops. I’ve updated the documentation with instructions on how to interact with the video.

    Also in the documentation are instructions for the shortcodes. Good call on that too.

    I’ve also added detection to check if the videojs css and js files exist, and if so, it still loads them. But if they don’t return a status code of 200, then it loads them from local versions of the files. Excellent suggestion.

    Do you have a link to the videos that are not loading correctly? Check your source file paths to make sure they are correct. The flash fallback uses the MP4 version of the video, so the OGG path may not be loading correctly. I’d be happy to help troubleshoot.

    Great suggestions. Is there anything else you’d like to see in the plugin?


    Thank you for the updates =) I think at this point my only other suggestion would be to add fields for external videos in your shortcode builder. Maybe add a tab so the fields for using media library videos are on one tab, and fields for external videos are on another. The videos I had to use this with range from 7MB to 60MB vids, so the media library was completely out of the question.

    I think Firefox was just playing dumb the other day because after I posted the original suspected bug, they started working fine. I appreciate the quick updates =)

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