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    Firstly (and most importantly), a great plug-in – thank you. It’s just what I need.

    Good News: – All works well in IE9 (just need to adjust the width of the player)

    Not so Good News: – In Chrome, Safari and Firefox I get the single track player plus space for the playlist – but no playlist.

    Bad News: – In IE8, no cover art, no tracks listed at all, nothing plays

    I have tried deleting the plug-in and re-installing; de-activating all other plug-ins. No change.

    As everything works in IE9, I’m sure I’m doing something dumb but after hours and hours trying to find the blunder myself it’s time to ask (politely) for help!
    ( shows the problem)

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  • @magic_square : I feel your pain! I too have issues with that.

    Cannot see what the issue is:

    I think that some code interferes with the new browsers, or doesn’t respond to them…


    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    Thanks for your polite support request. 🙂 I’ve taken a look at your site and the thing that’s jumping out as the most likely culprit is jQuery conflict. You have a lot of functionality that uses jQuery and I can see in the source code that the page is calling a bunch of different versions of jQuery which often causes problems.

    All WP plugins and themes really should be calling the jQuery scripts that are included in the WP core, they shouldn’t hard-code their own jQuery calls… but I suspect several instances of this on your site.

    Did the player work when you had all other plugins disabled?
    If so this would isolate the issue to another plugin.. which you can then isolate further to a specific plugin.

    Does the player work if you switch to the standard twentyeleven theme?
    If so it would indicate your theme has hardcoded jQuery…

    Try running a debugger to isolate any script errors… post the error messages back here so I can check them if you want.

    Sorry it’s not an easy solution… all I can say is that 10,000+ other users have it working fine in all browsers, so therefore it is very likely the problem is something specific on your site. We just need to go through steps to isolate exactly what the problem is.

    Again, sorry I can’t be more helpful – you’ll both just need to work through all the possible causes in order to isolate the error.

    Thanks for looking at the site and your helpful comments. I had already tried de-activating all the plug-ins before posting the thread – it made no difference. Debugging didn’t show any errors on the page, BUT…

    I used the Live Preview feature to test the page with the TwentyEleven theme and lo! the player works as advertised! I notice that your plug-in loads jQuery 1.7.2, but I think our Suffusion theme already does this. Is this a possible cause of the problem?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Cool, that’s great progress. 🙂 Looks like its definitely a conflict with the theme.

    Check the theme for hardcoded jQuery. If it does have it (which is quite likely the issue I think), then you need to replace the call to the jQuery with the standard noConflict alternative outlined here.

    If that doesn’t work, then find the place in the theme where it loads the jQuery and make sure it’s loading the same version, and/or that its calling the jQuery that’s included with the WP core (rather than a separate version included with the theme)

    Let me know how you go

    Interesting, magic_square…

    I tried the Themes Live preview of Twenty-Eleven, but no player even shows in the sidebar.

    @enigma: The way I inserted the player is through a text widget in the sidebar of the theme (CyberChimps’ iFeaturePro).

    <div style="background:#000000;">[hmp_player]</div>

    I also have changed the jquery for jquery 1.8.0 but that didn’t improve anything. Reverted back.

    So this theme uses a jquery slider, and a jquery plugin called “jquery-collapse-o-matic.” Could this create a conflict, or shouldn’t all jquery connect to the same file?

    I’m curious to know what sstubbs has done, because the redsummer website has the player and it’s working in FF.

    Thank you for your patience and help!


    All my sidebars disappeared completely with TwentyEleven – but the player was in the main window – might be worth a try?

    jQuery 1.7.2 is loaded into the header (by the theme I think). I read somewhere that loading it twice (even the same version) can cause problems – is that your experience? Could your plug-in check for the presence of jQuery before loading it again? (sorry, I have no idea whether this is a stupid suggestion).

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yep that’s exactly right magic_square…

    In short, if your theme loads jQuery library, then other plugin/s (like this one) also load jQuery then it can cause serious grief on the site and things start breaking. The solution is for all plugin developers and WordPress theme creators to use the copy of jQuery which is included in the WordPress core or load it from Google AJAX libraries, and to consider also using the noConflict jQuery mode (this plugin does all that). If you’re having jQuery conflict problems on your site then the most likely culprit it your theme…

    Read this article by Chris Coyier which explains the issue in more detail and outlines how you can fix it. You might also like to check out suggestions from Eric Martin on the topic.

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