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    The most likely cause is the mp3/ogg files themselves, or the filepaths to them. Check that you’ve converted them properly and that they play fine on your computer. Also check that you’ve used full filepaths in the playlist, and that the clip length is correct. (sometimes the ogg & mp3 versions have a few secs different length – use the longer length)

    Checked both the mp3 and ogg files and they play fine. Using absolute filepaths. Verified clip lengths… Still nothing! I notice that when I click on the play button on the page it shows the pause button momentarily and then goes right back to the play button – as if the player isn’t initializing at all. The progress bar doesn’t move at all either. Any other suggestions?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Ok found the problem… it was a jQuery conflict. My bad… I didn’t use the noConflict jQuery call in index.php file of the plugin. Nice easy one to fix though! So have released the fix for everyone…. please update to version 1.3 (released this morning) and the problem should be fixed for you.

    I updated the plugin this morning and tried it again in 2 different browsers and I am still having the same problem.

    I have had a similar issue, but only when trying to listen on my Droid X and the Dolphin browser, the Droid X standard browser plays the music. Everything works on any other browser that I have tried. -btw I love the player! The page with the player is . Seems like a Dolphin issue, but thought you would want to know.

    Working now. Must have been a user issue… me. My apologies. Everything working. Looking forward to 1.4. Great player.

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    No worries, glad it’s working now. 🙂

    have the exact same issue but only in firefox

    here’s alink to where it can be seen


    I was trying out the plugin and facing a big issue. I am using 2 tracks. Once I click on a song, nothing happens for 3-4 minutes then it starts playing. This is happening on firefox. on chrome the page takes lot of time to load and the song does not play.

    Can you help?



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    Hi Nanurakam. This sounds like an issue with your audio files. Please check both mp3 and ogg files are reasonable file size, and that they play properly on your local machine. If so, then the other thing it could be is Mime Type issue which I’ve seen a few times with Firefox.

    A mime type issue will be solved by adding the following lines to your htaccess file:
    AddType audio/ogg ogg
    AddType audio/ogg oga
    AddType video/ogg ogv
    AddType video/mp4 m4v

    Hi Enigma, I’d love to use your player — love the look of it — but I’m having a similar issue to tstubbs where the tracks aren’t playing in Firefox/Mac (working in Safari). I tried your htaccess addition above to no avail. Any other ideas as to how to make it work in FF/Mac?


    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi @sky19er… sure, happy to try to help. Please send a link to your site where the player is embedded.

    It works in all browsers/devices for 10,000+ other users so it’s most likely something specific in your site code (theme or another plugin) causing issues with this plugin… hopefully I can take a look and help you identify the issue.

    Hi Enigma-

    I’m having some trouble. I have the plugin here at this link

    I noticed that when I paste this link into the field when I add a song

    [audio src="" /]

    After I update the song, it shortens the URL. Is there a character limit on the URL

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    Thanks for reporting this… can you a) confirm what version of plugin are you using? and b)try a really short filename and let me know if it fixes it?

    It definitely sounds like a character limit, but I thought I’d fixed that problem a few versions ago… if you can let me know this info and I can replicate the error I will definitely be able release a fix.

    Thanks for your help with this.

    Thanks for the response, Enigma, but I already went with another player.

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