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    I tried out the free version and it worked great,very smooth going from tracks no problems, i then purchased the pro version to display multiple playlists. tried one playlist but all it is displaying is

    Sample Track

    By Sample

    how do i get it to display the correct playlist

    i have used the correct short code, double checked ,copied and pasted, re-imported the playlist, reinstalled the plugin,etc

    your advice would be greatly appreciated

    thank you

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  • i can get it display with this [hmp_player playlist=’test’]
    but not with [hmp_player playlist=’ma _salama _jamil’]

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    Please can you send a link to your site so I can check it out? And maybe also a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the back-end?

    If one playlist is working but another is not it would most likely indicate a problem with the files or fields you’ve inputed in the broken playlist, or something else specific to that playlist that isn’t working. Can you double check to make sure you’ve got all required fields and full filepaths are used etc etc?

    thank you for your response.The site is not up yet.all required fields and full filepaths are correct.I edit the playlist ma salama jamil to masalama and that works : [hmp_player playlist=’masalama’]
    so, its working for now and the name ‘masalama’is not displaying on the page. when i was using “test” , the name was displaying.Is there any limitations with number of charecters or empty spaces in the field. We are going to make some more playlists and i will let you know if there are any more issues.Thanks again

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Thanks for the update @jezzaz. So sounds like it was a problem with the title of the playlist? I can see it had underscores but that shouldn’t cause any issues. Was there anything else unusual about it? Like spaces, funny characters, symbols?

    The playlist title should not display on the front-end. Sounds like there is/was definitely something a bit odd going on. It would be good to work out exactly what it is in case its something I can fix in the plugin itself. Let me know if any more light can be shed on it!


    hi, thanks for your fast response. i had originally written it as Ma Salama Jamil , could the spaces have caused the issue ?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    It’s possible. I can’t replicate the error on my test site – can you try on yours with a test playlist where the title has spaces?


    I’m having this issue too, but am quite a novice so don’t really get the solution. The free version was fine, but the pro version only displays a smaple playlist.

    cheers anyone who can help

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    In almost all cases where someone has reported this problem of having the sample track/playlist appear but not the one they want – the problem has turned out to be an issue with their filepaths, or some other setting in the plugin…. as a first step I’d suggest you go through the plugin settings and make sure you’ve filled in everything correctly, with working links to the mp3 and ogg files. If there’s still an issue and you’re 100% sure you’ve configured it right then please post a link here to your site so I can take a look.


    I had the same issue, I created new playlists that did not include spaces ” _” in the saved name and everything works. The playlist name is only for you to track the lists/songs so, I keep mine simple, with no spaces.

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