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[Plugin: HTML5 jQuery Audio Player] Firefox and Android

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  • I’ve also updated the .ogg link and it still doesn’t work for me.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    That’s no good! It was tested on Firefox all versions and on Android and looked ok, but sometimes things slip through…

    1. Are you able to send some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

    2. Also can you explain exactly what’s not working for you?

    3. Is it happening only on Pro Version? Like did you have it working before on Lite Version?

    4. Please post a link to the affected page/post so I can check it from here.


    I know how that is, as far as what is going on;

    Display wise everything is peachy, I’ve not had any differences on display between platforms. Although is there a way that you can change color/display of the text when the mouse is hovering over it?

    What happens is you go to click the “Play” button and it doesn’t play (in firefox 8 and android) You click the play button and the picture changes to the “pause” image then back again to the “play” image.

    It happened to both the Pro and the lite versions.

    the pages it is happening on is;

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Ok I’ve checked those links and actually they’re all playing fine for me in firefox and on Android mobile. Did you fix the issue? Or is it still happening for you? Also just wondering if its a loading issue because your tracks are very long and quite large (like 8MB+) so on a slow data connection that could be causing the issue?

    I am also experiencing the same issue but you seemed to have resolved the problem. How were you able to do that?

    I found out that the OGG field was referring to the same mp3. So now it works in Firefox. The music player is still not even displaying in IE though

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    Sounds like you might have a different issue – you said it works in Firefox but having a problem with IE? Are you able to post a link to the page where you have the player embedded so we can check it out?

    I have since noticed that the entire site does not scale well in IE and it was ok before. Here is a link to the site http://www.prissyg.com/musicvideo/

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Have checked that link and it seems to be working fine and scaling fine in all browsers including IE for me?

    Either way, the plugin has been tested and works for over 9000 users in all browsers, so if its not working on your site, it is almost certainly an issue on your site itself, not in the plugin files. Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this one.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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