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  • Hi Just downloaded and installed HTML5 jQuery Audio Player and think it is great, but the following features would make it a keeper (and worthy of upgrading to pro) for me:-

    1. Ability to disable album art and ratings (seriously, who’s gonna rate their own music!). Be great to just have the playlist and player with no text, ratings, cover art etc above it. It would be much more flexible to work into different sites then.

    2. Ability to have a few different buy links per song, i.e itunes, band camp, buy Cd etc.

    3. Option to to have bigger size cover art pop up when clicking on it

    Anyway’s keep up the great work. If You implement #1 or tell me what code to modify to make this possible I’ll pay for the pro version.

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  • Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Hi Pandamonium thanks for your input. Actually some great ideas there.

    1. Yeah agreed – it would make it more flexible. I’ll add this to my list of point for next major release. Actually already the next release is going to make cover art optional… so I’ll look at trying to also make ratings and duration optional fields too.

    2. Cool idea, I didn’t think of this before. It’s not a super easy change because of the way I’ve got the display settings integrated with the manage songs area… I’ll have to think about it and maybe restructure a bit for a major release down the track.

    3. Probably not so keen on this point myself…. It can be a mistake to try to make the plugin do too much and be too many different things…. flexibility is one thing, but I’d like to avoid bloat… do you think this feature is a ‘must have’ that lots of users would like?

    Thanks for your suggestions – its really good to get feedback from users as it helps me understand what people want from the plugin.

    Thanks for the reply. #3 would probably not be necessary if # 1 & 2 were implemented as you could put your own album art in however you want. Looking forward to release with no cover art and ratings. I run an independent record label (and play in bands myself) so I know from when we release stuff more than one link to buy the music is required, 3 would be the minimum I could get away with (Buy Cd, iTunes, band camp)

    You can hide the rating, duration and cover art by adding the following code to your CSS file.

    .rating, .duration, .album-cover {
    display: none !important;

    Thanks Sogwap! That worked a treat, just upgraded to pro version so I can use different playlists. figured out a few additional tweaks too ;). You can see what I am trying to do by going to:- There are a few tracks from an album about to be released by The Brown Note Theory next month, so links to buy the music do not work yet (but you can hear a few tracks of the music!). Opening this on an ipad you can see how nicely a few extra buttons for different purchase options (itunes, band camp, CD) would fit in!

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    That looks awesome Pandamonium – nice work!

    The next major release (~2-3 weeks away) will include the ability to easily remove ratings & album art (so dont have to muck with the code), and also the ability to customise the width of the player like you have done in this example.

    Thanks for helping out too Sogwap – much appreciated. 🙂

    That’s great, will it remove the song name and artist as well like I have done?

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    No, just ratings and album art… quite a few people have request the option for removing ratings and album art, but not had anyone yet ask about song name and artist… so I think probably most people would opt to leave that in.

    Well consider this numero uno request to remove song name and artist so it can easily be used like in my example above without using hacks. It can’t hurt to have the option ;).

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Sure, will do – always happy to consider new options.

    Hey it would be really cool if the forum/plugin repository had the ability for developers to set a poll in order to collect feedback about what features users are keen to include.

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