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  • Hi: I am trying to use hrecipe for both existing (re-write) and new recipes. Most of our recipes have free text (before instructions) and I can’t find the way to place it in the tool. It seems if I put it outside of <div> areas it will not be part of the recipe in search indexes.

    The other challenge is we have many pictures from top to bottom, in between text, and I don’t know how to give them the proper tag. The plugin does not support photos, or maybe I missed the place where they are managed?


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  • Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @pro99 – Please read Google’s guidelines on how microformatting and schema are assessed. The hrecipe plugin implements a subset of Google’s requirements *exactly.*

    Thus, you are absolutely correct: text outside the enclosing div will not assumed part of a recipe, and won’t be shown as a recipe. It will, however, be shown as part of ordinary search results, provided your blog ranks.

    If your blog doesn’t rank, no recipe plugin is going to help you, Google states that quite plainly. The markup is to enhance the results, not to determine ranking.

    Whether your entire blog post should be considered as part of a recipe is a matter of opinion. I use the “index card” rule; a recipe should more or less fit on a 3×5 index card. Other people may have other opinions. Note that my opinion is shared by Google. If you were to ask a specialist in semantic technology/web, I’m pretty sure most of them would agree as well. If you’re chasing SEO, all bets are off.

    Also, parsing existing recipes is very hard to do with a computer. You can find various discussions of this on line. My recommendation is to outsource the data entry for existing recipes, then tweak the results yourself.

    Feel free to contact via the website or via email.

    Dave: thanks for the response and great web site. Our recipes are OK now, we are mainly looking to maintain their rankings with the new code semantics. Most likely will use hrecipe for the ingredients and instructions and leave the rest of the post intact before and after.

    Am still wondering about photos though. Isn’t there some code to add for them to show as part of the recipe?

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @pro99 – Photos are easy to add on the HTML editor side. Google has a excellent example of how to add the correct class. Note that the markup added by WordPress will be slightly different, the “photo” value for the img class attribute is only what matters.

    When I figure out an super simple way to add photos during recipe entry, I intend on adding that capability. Every way I have looked at so far adds a lot of complexity to the programming, the user interface, or both. I do have my eye on it though.

    Dave: thanks. We are using the nextgen gallery plugin for all photos and they appear as [singlepic id=3 w=480 h=320 float=]. Based on Google’s docs I tried to use [singlepic id=3 w=480 h=320 float= itemprop=”photo”] but it doesn’t seem to work. The other issue is that they are outside the hrecipe <div> area.

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    itemprop is a schema attribute, not part of a microformat. What you want is class=”photo”.

    Note you will have a list of class names most likely. Just add photo to the end.

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