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    I’m not sure which of the most recent updates to this plugin caused the problem, so let’s go with 0.5.x. In the hRecipe admin panel, under Recipe Structure, I have Bullets selected for Ingredient list. This used to work, and my ingredients list would have bullets. Now it is numbered. I have to manually change the ol tag to ul each time. I tried changing to numbered just to see if they were labeled backward, but that also results in a numbered list.

    As a side note, it would also be nice if the output included some carriage returns to keep the code neat. It would make edits like these much easier. Plus I always make a few additional edits anyway to get the formatting the way I want (cook time/prep time/yield a the top, source at the bottom, etc.).


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  • Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @ddemeo – thanks, this is very useful feedback.

    * ul/ol tag should be pretty easy to fix.

    * Carriage returns are a bit more problematic. You may find that making a switch to visual then back to html editing mode cleans everything up just how you want. This won’t be as a high a priority as getting the ol/ul thing fixed, but I like nicely structured output too.

    Hmm…nice! I thought I remembered trying the tab switch trick before and loosing my microformats. (Altho the remaining code was nicely formatted.) I just tried it again tho and it seems to work. Thanks! I’m really anal about my code formatting. Haha!

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @d – totally cool about formatting! I’m extremely persnickety about my formatting, usually. In this case, I was faced with writing a lot of really tedious code for not much immediate benefit to get the formatting right. I’m still interested, but if I do it, I’m going to design something that emits structure independent of nesting depth, element order, etc.

    The other problem is an RSS feed issue on my end. I know what the problem is, but I don’t want to release until I get some sleep and can support anything else what might break.

    Since you’re all over this, you might as well follow the project here:

    Was about to report the bullets vs number issue when I saw this post. If its any help I when from 5.4.3 to 5.6 and the issue appeared. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @whealer – I’m not sure whether you’re saying it was fixed in 5.6 or not… but I’m doing a vast overhaul on the options handling right now anyway. So if it’s wack in 5.6, it should be fixed in 5.7+.

    Thanks tons for checking up on the forum here. Really appreciate it. Every little bit helps.

    @doolin – the problem appeared when I upgraded to 5.6.

    Have a couple of suggestions as well…

    Could you add an insert to each tab of the dialogue box?

    Also, could you set it so it will submit without a recipe name or insert that into the post title?

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    @whealer – I just pushed a rewrite of settings to github about 3 minutes ago:

    I’ll need to test this before I release it.

    Insert on tabs: Yes, that’s going back in. In fact, I’m dropping one of the tabs, maybe two of them. The goal is to have a verifiable rich snippet insertable from first tab.

    Cool Thanks!!

    Plugin Author Dave Doolin


    This should be fixed in the 0.5.7 release.

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