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  • Hi
    I’ve submitted two requests for upload space for two new plugins in the last 10 days and not heard anything back from the moderators.

    Does anyone know the normal lead time for approval?


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  • Try this email:
    m at

    alas no response. guess i should assume that my requests have been denied. would have been nice even to get a negative though!

    Don’t assume – that’s a killer in communication.
    Based on complains in the forum the process takes quite a long time…

    it will take on average 2 weeks.

    I wait now since a month for one plugin approval.

    try one of the other plugin hosting sites.

    i’m not the first to say this, but this wait time really stifles innovation. by the time my requests get granted (if ever), i’ll have moved on to other projects and not be willing to put in the support time necessary that is inevitable when a product goes to wider distribution.

    On a practical side, surely this delay is unnecessary? Or if it is necessary then I, for one, would like an explanation of the examination criteria and the process behind the scenes and some decent communication of where an application is within the process.

    Plugins, and their authors, are a really vital part of what makes WordPress successful and what will continue to keep it on the crest when pretenders to the throne are baying at its heels (as they are now). It does _not_ behove the management to alienate plugin authors through failing to improve this project inception system.

    You all can always complete the plugin first, release it on your site first then once your plugin is approved moved it over to

    @gamerz – absolutely. That is what I have done for my sqlite port. (

    but i don’t have the time or inclination to do lots of SEO on the site so it is not reaching a wide audience. Such is life, and certainly no hardship for me.

    The secondary reason for wanting the hosting access is to have an easy life with svn. currently I host the plugin development on an svn server in a server farm within my control, then I export and upload to my distribution server. it’s all a couple of steps more than it needs to be.

    my beef, anyhow, is with the process; not the solution/workaround. I do not know of any organisation in the western world that does not keep its petitioners apprised of the process of their petition. Some are worse than others, sure, but complete radio silence ….

    Hi guys,

    I think JPadie’s argument holds some truth… The approval system might kill some-a lot of innovation in the long run, and may also give a window of time to a copied(not the code, the idea)-competing plugin for a developer that has a stronger marketing base.
    Anyway, to give some relief on the anxiety-side 😉 maybe you should set up some email autoreply, or state the approximate approval times in the submission page.
    On other note: congrats on your great great great job so far! Cheers,

    Hey Moshu! MichaelH!

    What about some reply?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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