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  • ray-zin


    This Plugin is absolutely Awesome!!! Its almost exactly what I’ve been searching for. Great work.

    I’d like to request a small add on. Could you please add functionality that will let you specify the Category name in a custom field?

    Most of my posts are uploaded via a .csv file. So i’d need to go into each post individually to get this to work. Unless I could specify the required category name inside a custom field.

    I looked at another plugin that does something similar;
    Plugin-> Custom Fields Permalink.

    It works quite well but it is very limiting and does not have much in terms of error handling. It is also nowhere near as dynamic and stable as your plugin.

    Another update I’ve just thought of that people might find very useful is the ability to select the permalink category in the posts “Quick Edit” screen.

    Thanks again for a fantastic plugin.

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  • Plugin Author shidouhikari


    tnx 😛

    I don’t understand. Do you want another metadata to set the category permalink metadata name, or a way to define the metadata site-wide?

    I could put the name in a variable and add a filter to let it be changed. But I recently published my Framework and still didn’t have time to prepare documentation explaining how a plugin requires another plugin, so until I have it done I won’t update any of my plugins or publish new ones. This exact plugin has a bigfix to be published that requires the framework, and because of that it wasn’t yet…

    And I’m VERY busy, with the little time I have being used providing paid consunting to a company.

    Could you please add a comment on the plugin page making the request, so that I remember it?

    Regarding the quick edit, it’s harder to work on compared to post edit page. I don’t use it at all, so I don’t see me learning how to tweak that page, unless somebody hires me to do something that requires this feature. A free plugin isn’t worth that level of convenience at all.

    Hiya. Thanks for the reply.

    Just to clarify what I meant above.

    Currently you have to manually pick your category to make it a permalink. Which is great, but I think it could be quite useful for us to also be able to put the category name that you’d like to use inside a custom field. Your plugin then checks this field first and if there is no value it then looks for a manually selected category.

    I hope that makes sense.

    With regards to the second point (quick edit). I understand. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to this post.


    Plugin Author shidouhikari


    I think that’s not useful. There’s currently a metadata that sets for the post which category to be its permalink.

    This metadata stores the category ID, that’s the fastest way to get the category object.

    If I’d add this feature, everytime a page loads I’d need to check that other metadata first, every time…, to only then go to the metadata with the ID. And if the catname metadata is found, WP would try to find the category, over all other taxonomies, by its name. It’s much slower.

    And why would you want to set the permalink category by its name? If you set it in post edit page, just use the JavaScript UI provided. And if you wanna use custom code, it’s better to use a filter or something else.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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