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  • This is exactly what I had hoped for. There is no reason why I should not have permalinks without nesting if that’s the way I want them. having mysite.tld/maincategory/postname is perfect!

    However I’ve read that the server can experience some serious performance issues choosing this or tag/postname, etc. I should have about 800 articles on my site by end of year, perhaps more. Wondering if there was any notes on performance.

    In addition, is there an easier way to mass assign to posts? I guess there isn’t a way except using mysql queries at the moment to say “all posts in category X should only use category X as the permalink.” Hoping this might be on the agenda or even possible.

    Great work to keep this standardized. Many thanks.

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  • I had the same question.

    Plugin Author shidouhikari


    Hello, WordPress has indeed some serious performance issues with permalink, it uses regex to identify which resource type a URL is pointing to, and if post permalink has only text it will be confused with pages permalinks, and finding correct resource will take longer.

    To solve it it’s a matter of adding a int rewrite tag in the permalink, because ints are distinguished from texts in regex.

    I use /%category%/%post_id%/%postname%/ as my permastruct and it works fine.

    Regarding bulk editing and mass preferences when no custom category is set, I wanna implement them but these features won’t be available in the near future, I’m full of stuff to do and almost no time 🙁

    From what I read, this is only a problem if you use pages AND posts in your blog. I rarely use any pages at all and it’s all posts so this should not present a problem.

    Unfortunately I have noticed one important thing – this creates duplicate URLs. While you may choose the permalink you want wordpress to show, all the permalinks leading to other categories will also be used as well. This can create a duplicate content problem unless you can figure out how to solve the problem with a canonical URL for each post, which is certainly going to be a massive pain, IMHO.

    Plugin Author shidouhikari


    This has nothing to do with the plugin, WP’s rewrite rule just identifies a string is a cat slug and accepts it.

    You can use Permalink Redirect plugin and all URLs that point to a post and aren’t its permalink will be redirected 🙂 .

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