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  • Fixed in 0.2 … thanks for pointing it out, Jason 🙂

    I’ve just activated the plugin and it works perfectly in Chrome & Firefox, but still does not in IE 8.0.7600.16385. I repeat after Jason: any suggestions?

    yerkurisu, i have no suggestion. sorry. i was under the impression that it did work in IE now. can it be that other javascript on your blog is interfering?

    i have found this jQ hilite extension to be very susceptible to other javascript… so if you find any cause here, or even a fix, please let me know!

    great plugin, it works smoothly except internet explorer 7 and 8. error message says: object doesn’t support this propery or method, and the error line: var regex = new RegExp(‘(<[^>]*>)|(\\b’+ search.replace(/([-.*+?^${}()|[\]\/\\])/g,’\\$1′) +’)’, insensitive ? ‘ig’ : ‘g’);

    this problem seems to persist and i do not have a fix. the only thing i can think of is that IE8 somehow has problems with the single quotes in the regular expression.

    i currently do not have the means to test this but i uploaded a development version that (uses double quotes in the regexp) which you could try. i’d very much appreciate if you let me know what happens there.

    The new stable version is now 0.4 which i tested in IE8 too…

    The search term wrapping is now limited to divs with class hentry which should be compliant with most modern wordpress themes. If this is not so in your case, you can edit the hlst.php file and change the .entry into anything else that works in your theme. using #content is not advised since it generates a blank page in FireFox and Opera.

    If there still are problems in IE, please give me a link so i can have a look. It might be causes by a conflict with other javascript.

    after upgrade it stopped working for all browsers. Internet explorer it says: this.html()’ is null or not an objectLine: return this.html(this.html().replace(regex, function(a, b, c){

    how can I send you a personal mail for website adress to check the code.

    turnkey13, you can use the contact form on if you like. or look for my e-mail address inside the hlst.php file in the plugin.

    before that: could you give the newest dev version (0.5beta) at try? i have the feeling there is some conflict going on and in this latest version i am using jQuery in safe mode… maybe that does the trick.

    I tried the 0.5 and it doesn’t work like 0.4 for all browsers.
    this.html()’ is null or not an objectLine: and line is:

    return (a.charAt(0) == ‘<‘) ? a : ‘<span class=”‘+ span_class +'”>’ + c + ‘</span>’;

    by the way, version 0.3 still works.. just gives error for internet explorer.

    good luck..

    you can look link library plugin for this effect if you want. it has same highlight effect for spesific page search and it doesn’t give error.

    As far as i can see, the Link Library plugin does a search and replace routine on the content to wrap keywords in span tags with class highlight_word (which then gets highlighted by CSS) so that is not helpful here.

    I’m still interested in a URL from you so I can take a look at your page source. Or can you paste it here, maybe? With the hilite plugin active ofcourse…

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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