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[Plugin: HidePost] User Level

  • In my blog, if I set [hidepost=2] content [/hidepost], even I log in and I am level 10 and I cannot see them!

    I set [hidepost=2] content which I would like to hide from the users whose levels are lower than 2 [/hidepost].

    Then, if I access the post while I am logging in as “admin (level 10)”, it says “You must be a(n) Author to view this content” and I am an admin and level 10! And I found out that the only level 2 users can read the content!

    My blog is at http://www.shakespeare-w.com/blog/

    Here is a screen images when I log in as admin.


    Help please. I need show 2 or above as you wrote as “If you want to protect your post to some user with low level, you can use [hidepost=level][/hidepost]. User level can be found on Codex page.” which is not true.


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  • I have just read at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/201829
    and found that Amapola is asking a similar question.

    Since you wrote as “you can use [hidepost=level][/hidepost],” I thought how to set would be [hidepost=2] and [/hidepost]. However, is [hidepost=level_2] and [/hidepost] correct way?

    The documentation page for user levels is listed as being out of date.

    Is this the correct way to set permissions for visibility to posts WordPress 2.6.x?

    [hidepost=level_10] and [/hidepost] visible to Administrators
    [hidepost=level_7] and [/hidepost] visible to Editors and Administrators
    [hidepost=level_2] and [/hidepost] visible to Authors, Editors, and Administrator
    [hidepost=level_1] and [/hidepost] visible to Contributor, Authors, Editors, and Administrator
    [hidepost=level_0] and [/hidepost] visible to Subscribers, Contributor, Authors, Editors, and Administrator




    I’ve tried this in 2.7 and it doesn’t appear to work for me.

    I see on the docs page it is listed as 2.6.x. Will there be a 2.7 version coming out?

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