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  • Plugin Author ericjuden


    Thanks Ovidiu,

    I just posted a comment on about this. I’ll see what I can do integrate.


    Ovidiu, I also like that script features…

    PS: What if I have a blog, that I simply want to hide it forever :)?
    [It’s probably a script out there, lazy me… I didn’t search 😀 … no urgency ]

    Plugin Author ericjuden


    Hey Nicusor,

    In the new release 1.0.1, you can exclude sites by adding it to the excluded sites list in the settings.


    Great, but after “Network Activate” the plugin… I got this warning inside the “Excluded Sites” text box:

    <br /><b>Warning</b>: implode() [<a href='function.implode'>function.implode</a>]: Invalid arguments passed in <b>/home/usercpanel/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hide-inactive-sites/hide-inactive-sites.php</b> on line <b>210</b><br />

    Plugin Author ericjuden


    Hey guys,

    I just made a release (1.1) that adds an email notification when the site is hidden. It also adds the ability to mark a site as archived or deleted.


    cool, keep going!
    Will test the new version right now.

    Thanks again for looking at that script I linked above 😉

    Plugin Author ericjuden


    What other suggestions do you have for the plugin?


    Well, I can only compare with the script above, since that is what I am loking for:

    This script checks the WPMU database for blogs that have
    not been updated for X days, then sends a notice to the
    blogowner that the blog will be deleted after Y days.

    => your plugin does just that

    It also automatically deletes blogs that have not been
    updated for Y days, then sends an email to the blogowner.

    => your plugin can do that

    On both occasions, the script will send a report with
    details on warned and deleted blogs to the administrator.

    => this would be nice to have

    AND here is another question: what exactly does “inactivity” mean?

    Inactivity Threshold
    (How long before a site is inactive?)

    Do only new posts/pages count? Does updating posts count? Does logging in count? If you want you could give us an option to chose what we count as activity/inactivity, i.e. in some cases you might want to count any activity, even logging in to be enough to keep a blog active? Just some random thoughts on my part 🙂

    Thanks again in putting this plugin together and developing it!

    oh, here is another feature request:

    how about this scenario as this is exactly what I’d like to have:

    I set the plugin to archive blogs that haven’t been updated in i.e. 6 months, it should send a warning email to the blog owner warning him that he has X days to update his blog or it will be deleted. Then send me a copy of that email or a summary it there were multiple warnings sent out (i.e. I don’t want 100 emails one for each blog)

    Then after X days have passed, delete the blog, send out a thank you mail to the blog owner telling him i.e. that his user account is stil active and that he can create a new blog if he wants.

    Then after X days of not logging in delete his account.

    I will donate if you can make this happen.!
    I have 100s of useless accounts left over, some with old email addresses that are inactive. Manually cleaning up is tedious. So if blog owners don’t react to their blog being archived, (maybe because their email account is dead) they can be safely deleted 🙂

    And if I can customize the emails sent out by the plugin that would be the cherry on top of it.

    btw. when your plugin marks a blog as archived, does that action change the “last updated” date? ’cause I noticed when I manually archive a blog the last updated date is changed to the date I archived it which makes tracking things a bit difficult 🙁

    Any chance you can offer a list of archived blogs? the normal built-in sites list is pretty useless, you can’t sort i.e. by blog status, which would be really helpful…

    @ericjuden: I plus Ovidiu’s suggestions/requests.

    But I Tottaly Plus his scenario. One of the main raesons of not currently using/testing the plugin is that it gives no warning to the site owner that his/her site wil be deleted.

    As Ovidiu does, I also would like to see:
    1. First warning about the site getting archived
    2. No action taken? –> Site gets archived
    3. Second warning about the site getting deleted
    3. No action taken? –> Site gets deleted
    All warnings messages with option/ability to customise. At least compatibility with this excellent plugin WP Better Emails

    Thank you for your work,

    Plugin Author ericjuden


    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll see what I can do about getting the warning email in there and integrating with WP Better Emails.

    I’m trying to think of an easy way to figure out when to send the warning email. I’m thinking of using the existing time from the inactivity threshold and saying at 3/4 of that number, send the warning email. So after 3/4 of a month of inactivity, send the warning email.

    I’m not so sure about the first warning, second warning stuff. I know I wouldn’t use it. Luckily, with all the hooks, someone else could create a plugin that hooks into this one and adds that stuff.

    @ovidiu, about the last updated date. I’m not sure, I noticed in testing, sometimes it would keep it the same and sometimes it would change it. I have it setup to keep the last updated date the same as it was. But I’m using a WordPress function to update the blog details, and I’m guessing it changes the last updated time since we are modifying the site’s details. Hope that makes sense.


    @eric. see what you can do 🙂

    What if I have a and that I simply want to hide it forever 🙂 from… but to disable all the checking for inactive sites?

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