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  • Hi, I’m new to WP, but determined to become a skilful user.

    My question is very basic. When I try to add plugins from external sources – like addthis “share this”- and I download it, it wants to download to my computer somewhere. How do I get it loaded onto my WP site?

    I don’t use FTP. I have it, but I am trying to work around it so that I don’t have to use it (newbie there too).

    I feel there is a big hole of missing advice or guidance for people like me who are trying to get started.

    Can someone please provide clear instructions on what to do if a plugin file downloads onto your computer, and then how to get it actually installed on your WP blog?

    Thank you.

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  • You pretty much had better learn to use FTP and follow directions.
    The “norm” is to download the plugin, unpack it, and upload either the file folder or the .php file to the plugins directory on your site.
    typically {blog}/wp-content/plugins.
    Version 2.7 of wp has automatic install of plugins (bottom of the plugins page); I don’t think 2.6 has this, so you need to upgrade. There’s a plugin to do this automatically, (it’s included with 2.7) but you need to install it, and that required FTP.
    So, go download filezilla, (free FTP client) and google for help if you can’t figure it out.
    In other words, you can’t short-cut WP. You need, at minimum, to figure out FTP.

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