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  • I hope that someone here can shed some light on a problem I am having. Bear with me because I can’t get access to a lot of sites where I am working. I have written a plugin that uses NTLM based on code written by someone else that is quite old. The code I am basing this on is still avilable at SourceForge.

    I took that code and used it as a base for a WordPress plugin. It seems to work for what we need, but it causes some strange problems.

    In some blogs, it works fine in both FireFox and IE, but in others, on the same server (runnding Fedora Core) it prevents me from saving options in IE but not in FireFox, and it won’t save to the database in IE. I have to disable the plugin, close the browswer and open again to be able to use the administration area.

    Any idea why IE would not support this on some blogs but it does on others? I have also tried it with WordPress MU (on Apache) and it does not work at all in IE – but it does in FireFox.

    BTW, yes, I have the KeepAlive turned on in httpd.conf on our Fedora and RedHat installations which is required for NTLM. I am just at a complete loss here. 🙁

    And don’t say “just make everyone use FireFox” – wouldn’t live just be grand if we could!!!

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