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  • Great article!
    Now to figure out how to find the author of HS2 and convince him to get back into the game.
    From the research I’ve done, there is/was a HUGE installed base of the plugin. We just stumbled upon it after being frustrated with the (in my opinion) terrible documentation of another competing SEO plugin.
    I’ve emailed the HS2 author a number of times, with no response.
    If he’s going to simply drop the plug in, I hope he understands how many people have built their sites around the plugin. It sounds like the freeloaders have ruined a great WP improvement. We can work on fixing that part. That’s one thing about coders. There are a few great ones who really produce great work. But then they don’t have the other necessary knowledge and experience such as marketing and getting donations so they get a just reward for their work. We can help with that.
    So, if the HS2 author is out there and reading this. Please answer my emails, or respond here. I would like to help you with the parts you don’t have, so that you can come back and do what you do best while being able to food on your table for your family.

    I believe Headspace2 used to be one of the most popular plugins around. I agree there’s still a great need for future development.

    So let me ask you: If there was a drop-dead-great SEO plugin for WP, and it worked unbelievably well. Considering that it could increase your rankings, but more importantly, increase your business;
    (a) what would be a fair donation amount?
    (b) how would you like to see the donation system structured?
    I’m assuming that there would be a ‘meeting of the minds’ of all parties, and there is an understanding of value for future development, given that applications are never ‘done’.

    I like Headspace2’s options for page-specific plugins and page-specific themes and optional including of scripts and such. I’ve never used it for SEO purposes. I use Yoast’s or WPMU DEV’s.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Hi Richard,

    I tried replying to your emails but the responses bounced – there must have been a typo somewhere.

    WordPress progresses at such a speed that the maintenance for plugins can be quite high, and being able to add new features gets pushed way behind.

    I’ll send you another email at A to address the bouncing.

    So, is HS2 going to continue or is it unsupported currently?
    I’m sure you are aware there is quite a community that is enamored with it. I just stumbled into it about a week ago, then heard that support was discontinued.
    Can you bring me (us) up-to-date as to your intentions and plans for it?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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