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  • LachlanM


    Hi Headspacers, I posted this over at the UrbanGiraffe Headspace forum but am posting here too as I’m wondering if this is now the correct place for discussion.

    The issue: I want to add custom title tags to ‘tag’ pages. At present when using WordPress with Headspace the tag becomes the page Title Tag, and there is no additional option to add a customised title, as there is for Categories when using Headspace.

    I’ve basically built a site mostly around Tag pages instead of Categories for the taxonomy. Don’t ask why, it’s a bit late to go back now, and it seemed to be the best approach at the time, and I think it still has benefits for this project.

    What I’m wondering is if anyone can suggest a workaround for this (I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and hacking into the theme if I have to) and perhaps as feature for the future, tag pages could get the same treatment that Categories currently do in Headspace. That would be wonderful.

    Lastly, a BIG thanks for creating Headspace. This plugin is a dream come true and has made almost everything about SEOing my current client project, and many before it, a breeze.

    Thank you.

    Since posting this at UrbanGiraffe I have also come up with a hacky workaround:

    What I have come up with as a quick theme hack to get what I need for a handful of tag pages is this:
    view sourceprint?
    1.<?php if ( is_tag(‘my-tag-slug’) && ($paged<2) ) {
    2. echo ‘My special tag page title tag’;
    3.} else {
    4. wp_title(”,true);

    Not very scalable for lots of tags, but can make do with this for now.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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