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    Noticed that website emails are not arriving, so I checked Easy WP SMTP test sending option. Got this error:

    SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: (0)SMTP connect() failed.

    Now, on the same websites, I also use Newsletter plugin.

    Both Easy WP SMTP and Newsletter plugin are configured to use an external SMTP service through MXroute. Same account. However – Newsletter still works, it does send emails. But Easy WP SMTP doesn’t.

    I also use the same MXroute mail account through non-website email clients – and it sends and receives emails fine. Hence – I don’t think the problem is with the mail account (SMTP server).

    Also, because another plugin (the above mentioned Newsletter) works, sending emails, I also suspect the problems are not related to the hosting server and the configuration. I didn’t change settings from the time Easy WP SMTP worked.

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    Based on info shared here:

    I suspect the problem to be either:

    Hosting provider/server related (more likely).
    MXroute related – less likels.
    The least likely scenario is that Easy WP SMTP, WordPress Mail SMTP, and Infinite WP all stopped working at the same time.

    Still if you have any ideas what to check and where to look, I’d appreciate it.

    Will mark this as resolved in a few days – since I don’t suspect the problem to be related to this plugin. At least not for now.

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    If it is of any help – noted everything I tried and tested so far, along with my setup (configuration) in a structured way and with all the details I could think of – in case it helps pinpoint the problem:

    Not suspecting this plugin to be causing the problem – but if you have any ideas, it would be appreciated.

    It’s nothing urgent, I’m not “loosing millions”, but would like to fix this, of course. 🙂

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    Seems to have started working. 🙂

    Marking this as resolved. No idea what was wrong, nor why it works now – but it does.

    Hey, I’m actually getting the same error now and I’m the admin of a webstore. The people that really send the products to the customers and the customers are not getting any emails now. Did it maybe start working again after a update or something?

    @bikegremlin what hosting do you have?

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    It happened regardless of the hosting – not with just one hosting provider. Both on cPanel and DirectAdmin servers.

    MXroute suggests this might have caused the (temporary, now gone) hick-ups:

    All works fine now.

    hmmmmmm mine is still fucked up and I don’t have ssh access. My webhost is also not working today because today is a national free day

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    I’d use the time to write everything down – what you tested and how. The standard stuff: when the problem first occured. Whether anything was changed/updated prior to the malfunction… Since you are likely to be asked that – save at least some time in solving the problem once the tech. support is operational. 🙂

    Writing things down often helps me figure out the problem cause, or at least get an idea what else to try.

    aight thanks for de advice man

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