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    Hi. If anyone can help me with this problem ASAP, I’ll be very grateful. This is an emergency!

    I love the Easy Affiliate Links (EALs) plugin. It’s been very helpful. However, when I checked it today, it seems to have stopped working.

    When I click on a link, a blank page opens up. When I check the http code, it’s a 500 internal server error.

    One of the links is on this page (the Metabolic Cooking link):

    I think I know what caused the problem, but I don’t know how to fix it. Recently, I migrated my site from http to https. I also used the Better Search Replace plugin to find and replace all URLs with ‘http’ in my database with ‘https’ URLs.

    Could that have caused the problem? Looking at the date of the last click registered by the EALs plugin (which I can see in my database), it looks like the plugin stopped working when I migrated to https and replaced the http URLs.

    How can I fix this problem? Please help!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Brecht


    Hard to say what went wrong. Are there any errors in your PHP error log?


    Seems that in class-eafl-redirect.php line 45 @EAFL_Clicks::register( $link ) supresses error messages. If you update the plugin form old version so that you have click tracking on this will fail silently since the feature is moved into a an add-on in new versions.

    In php 7.1 this will cause error 500 with no error message.

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    Plugin Author Brecht


    That feature did not move, not sure where you’re getting that?

    Well fails there with php 7.1. anyway, did not dig deeper yet. Anyway now there is also a problem that there are no sub categories and that you cannot search and sort categories. Client has 1800 affiliate links and is now pissed off after the update.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    We use PHP 7.1.4 on our development site without issues. So it’s not a general problem.

    Try disabling all other plugins for a second and see if it works then.
    If not, try switching to a default theme (like Twenty Seventeen) and check again.

    Feel free to contact us at for further debugging.



    All our Affiliate Links stopped working today for some reason. All of them don’t seem to connect all the way through to any of the links. Here is an example:

    Affiliate Link –
    Where it should go –

    I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating it but that did nothing. There were no recent changes with any other plugins either.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    Could you check with your webhost if there are any errors in the PHP error log?

    Got this resolved by contacting the support email, thank you!

    What did you do to resolve?
    To my mind nothing changed on the server and all links open in a blank page that goes nowhere.

    I don’t see any errors anywhere, not in the error_log either.

    Correction: Found an error in the error_log.

    [26-Nov-2018 16:14:15 UTC] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ajdgso5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easy-affiliate-links/includes/public/class-eafl-redirect.php:55) in /home/ajdgso5/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1219

    Found it, wtf…

    Commenting out line 55 fixed the issue, duh!

    			// Noindex the redirect page.
    //			echo '<html><head><meta name="robots" content="noindex" /></head>';
    Plugin Author Brecht


    Interesting. I don’t actually have that issue on any of my websites. I’ll release a fix update to revert that change in case others are affected.

    Edit: This was just removed in 2.6.4

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