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    Since two days Koko has stopped working on all sites where I am using it. It doesn’t even display it’s setting page. What happened? Kind regards, Michael

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  • Same here.
    Regards, ad.

    Same here too on all sites.

    Kind regards,

    Me as well!

    And me!

    Koko is working on some websites, on some other ones only a blank page is displayed instead of the analytics dashboard in the back end – although the websites have the same plugin, PHP and WordPress version and use the same wordpress theme.

    In the google developer tools I can see this error when trying to access the analytics dashboard:
    Laden fehlgeschlagen für das <script> mit der Quelle “https://domain/wp-content/plugins/koko-analytics/assets/dist/js/admin.js?ver=1.0.32&#8221;.
    (Loading failed for <script> with source “”)

    Thank you for checking it soon.
    Can you please tell us if only the display of the statistics is affected or also the collection of the visitor data?

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    The error message for the Koko settings page in console is:

    GET https://[ommitted].de/wp-content/plugins/koko-analytics/assets/dist/js/admin.js?ver=1.0.32 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

    (I have to ommit the URL it’s a customer’s site. On my private sites I currently have deinstalled Koko everywhere since it stopped working).

    Is that a permission issue?

    Kind regards, Michael

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    I found it. It’s a browser plugin (ublock origin) that for some reason put Koko on it’s blacklist some time ago. If I allow Koko in that plugin everything is working fine again. And yes, the plugin kept on counting visits correctly all the time although I had no output for several days. Thanks for your help, I’ll mark this topic as solved. Kind regards, Michael

    @michael: I suppose it only affects the display of the data, not the collecting of the data (on the front end you can see in developer tools/sources the script collect.php) – I wouldn’t deinstall the plugin.

    Thank you very much, Michael!!!
    If I disable ublock origin, everything is working fine.
    How can you allow Koko in this plugin? I couldn’t find it.

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    @nathalie, I did not specifically disable Koko in the ublock plugin. Instead, I made ublock origin ignore that specific complete site as I am administrator of that site myself and I know it’s not doing anything bad. Kind regards, Michael

    We do not use ublock plugin. Only WpRest disable.
    And we don not see any statistics anymore. Last update 17-8 did not resolve that.
    This happens on all sites we manage.

    Plugin Author Danny van Kooten


    Hello all,

    Koko Analytics was recently added to EasyPrivacy, a popular filter list which is used in my ad-blockers. It blocks any request containing “koko-analytics” in the URL, so also breaks our analytics dashboard.

    To fix it, please whitelist your domain in your adblocker settings or disable your adblocker on your own websites.

    We are also working with the team behind EasyPrivacy to get this resolved or at the very least, only block the tracking script.

    Hope that clarifies. If not, let us know please.

    Ghostery also blocks koko by default. Trust website to disable this. But that should the client do and can not be done on server level.

    Plugin Support Lap


    Thanks for letting us know about that.

    I guess it’s the nature of such privacy browsers and ad blocker to block any tracking and we don’t think that we should try to evade these blockers.

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