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  • I updated the plugin to 2.0.3 (seemed like a big jump in version numbers but it seems I wasn’t getting automatic updates on a regular basis) and now my site has crashed.

    Here is the error message that shows up every time I try to access my site:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in /home/www/ on line 73

    I’ve seen some of the other thread about this and I know you’re blaming this on an old version of php. What version are we supposed to be using? If our sites are crashed and we can’t get to our dashboards, how are we supposed to roll back the plugin? Are there edits we can make on the back end to fix this problem? Should we delete the plugin on the back end until you have this worked out?

    Please give us at least a little bit of guidance here.

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  • Well, I did something on the back end (restored?) and my site is now back. The plugin is deactivated but when I tried to activate it, I got the parse error and this message:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error

    So I guess it will stay deactivated until the next version. Thank you for your time.

    same here

    Plugin Author scriptburn


    The error you are getting is due to you have old php version may be 5.3.x., some new functions in plugin using some latest function that is why you are having this error.

    We will fix this issue with old php version support soon

    Same here ^^

    Plugin Author scriptburn


    What php version you are using?

    My php version is 5.4.45.

    Same here with PHP 5.5. at Godaddy..
    My blog layout crashed due the plugin.

    So for those of us who are going to have to wait for the “fix” update to occur, do you have an expected time to release it?

    Will it take effect automatically? I lost both the entire site and admin page access. What a mess!!!!

    Plugin Author scriptburn


    we are looking in issues , any one having trouble can download from and install it with ftp

    you can upload this version with ftp just remove the old wp-hide-post folder from plugins directory and upload this new extracted folder

    Hi .. Overall I do love this plugin – it is very helpful, so I hope we get this issue resolved soon.

    I uploaded the new extracted folder (above) which got the site up and running again – thanks.

    However, now wp-hide-post doesn’t seem to be working.

    Posts are showing on the ‘recent posts’ feed even though they are supposed to be hidden from feeds.

    What version of php do we need to be using with version 2.0.3?



    PS I updated php to version 7 and still get the same site crash and error message

    OK I remember now… I know this is off-topic but just in case you were wondering why it wasn’t hiding my posts…

    When I first installed the plugin I had to change a line of code to get it to hide posts on my blog page… I found this solution…

    “So I changed one line of the code in wp-hide-post.php to make this work. Line #59-61 was:

    function wphp_is_front_page() {
    return is_front_page();
    Changed to:

    function wphp_is_front_page() {
    return is_front_page() || is_home();

    so all is working again now … thank you!

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