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    i cant seem to make this work properly. i set up the break points with what i think are correct breakpoints but it is not selecting what i want when the page loads.

    when i have #page-container as the content container it loads the next break point size up from what I want and when i have #content as the content container it loads the smallest break point size

    maybe i am not using the right content container

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  • example: i have a break point at 988, 989, 990, 991 (break points would be different in final version but im using those to understand what it is doing)

    i want it to load 989

    instead it does this:

    view image info: “990px × 649px (scaled to 989px × 648px)”

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    A live example would be super helpful, do you have one?

    thanks. this is a live example.

    my break points will be 991 and 1247 ideally but in this example i have 991, 992, and 1247. I am on a 1024 wide screen and it should load the 991. instead it loads the 992 and jams it into a 991 space.

    i am using the plug in to allow people with larger monitors to see a larger version of the image. i guess this plug in is more for adapting to smaller screens not larger ones if that makes sense?

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    Should work both ways, what is your container set too?

    my container is set to:


    thank you for the help with this

    I have tried a few different containers and the same thing happens.

    here is another example:

    container is set to .content.column-1

    break points: 640x, 990x, 991x, 992x, 1000x, 1001x, 1010x, 1024x, 1247x

    viewing this on a 1024 screen it is selecting 1000x as the break point and jamming the 1000px into 991px. i cant seem to understand why it picks 1000 as opposed to 1001 or 991 for that matter.

    Plugin Author Noel Tock


    Same here, that’s a weird one. I’ll try to review the code and see where it’s breaking.

    Sorry to reopen this older thread, but I had the exact same issue. The breakpoints in the media code were correct, but the image associated with the breakpoint was always one breakpoint larger than it should have been.

    I opened up the hammy.php code to see this:

    if ( ! preg_match( $ignorelist, $class ) ) {
                        // Get Sizes
                        $sizes = explode( ",", $options['hammy_breakpoints'] );
                        // Render Sizes
                        $i = 0;
                        $breakpoint = null;
                        // Output & Replace Strings
                        $newimage = '<picture class="hammy-responsive ' . $class . '" alt="' . $alt . '" title="' . $title . '">';
                        foreach ( $sizes as $size ) {
                            if ( $i == 0 ) {
                                $media = null;
                            } else {
                                $media = ' media="(min-width:' . $breakpoint . 'px)"';
                            if ( $size <= $width ) {
                                $resized_image = wpthumb( $original, 'width=' . $size . '&crop=0' );
                                $newimage .= '<source src="' . $resized_image . '"' . $media . '>';
                            $breakpoint = $size;

    I moved the $breakpoint = $size; from below $i++; to the beginning of the foreach block and the correct image is now associated with the breakpoint.

    I’m sure this is a dirty hack. My knowledge of PHP and this code is very, very limited but it appears to work. Is there a reason why the breakpoint was set AFTER it was used in the loop?

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