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  1. DeeMo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, kind of newbie-ish here.
    -I'm ajax loading div#artist-content from different artist pages (custom post type) on my homepage.
    - div.artist-content has mp3 links in it.
    - everything works fine on artist/ artistpage (great)
    - magic stops to work on the homepage.
    Of course it has to do with the script not doing the trick on external content loaded in.
    I'm going crazy over this here. Any hint?
    Here's what i get on the homepage

    <div id="haiku-player1" class="haiku-player"></div>
    <div id="player-container1" class="player-container"><div id="haiku-button1" class="haiku-button"><a title="Listen to " class="play" href="http://mydomain.dev/wp-content/assets/myaudiofile.mp3"><img alt="Listen to " class="listen" src="http://mydomain/wp-content/plugins/haiku-minimalist-audio-player/resources/play.png"></a>
    		<ul id="controls1" class="controls"><li class="pause"><a href="javascript: void(0);"></a></li><li class="play"><a href="javascript: void(0);"></a></li><li class="stop"><a href="javascript: void(0);"></a></li><li id="sliderPlayback1" class="sliderplayback"></li></ul></div>


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