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  • Hi I was wondering if there was any way to style the check out button? the only thing i see is “I agree” and no paypal logo.

    Great Plug-in, up to the point when I click the “Return to Merchant” link on Paypal. Paypal redirects to and the message it provides is “Void – Not Validated.”

    I get this for both live and sandbox links.

    Can you help me figure out why this is happening? Payment is happening on Paypal’s end (in both sandbox and live) so I think the plugin is looking for some data but it’s not seeing it come back.

    Could this be the way Paypal returns IPN data? Any clues?

    Joe, the link for that button assumes the page is inside the primary directory of the site. If it’s anywhere but root it displays the ALT text.

    You can manually update the plug-in on line 165 to use the full web address.

    Sorry guys, I’ll look at what I’ve done and see what is causing this (these) problems. I have several installations of it running fine?

    Let me know if you need any testing done. Cheers.

    Hey pomspot

    Nice pluging but it might be helpful if you had somewhere on your site for people to post questions or issues with the plugin. Or if there is somewhere there to do this sorry but I couldn’t find anything, other than a couple of admin posts announcing the plugin but with comments turned off (frustratingly!!).

    So I guess this is the place to post my question….??? I was interested in this plugin and installed it fine but it looks like it can only be used for one item. I guess that’s what it’s purpose is but I just wanted to ask if there is a way to use it for multiple items on one WordPress installation.

    If not, does ANYONE know of a plugin that will help set up a very simple ecommerce for a business that’s just selling a few products online as part of their “real world” business and are happy to just use Paypal and cheques/direct deposit. Everything I find is either too complex and overkill for my client (eg wp-ecommerce) or buggy or too simple and only for ONE product.

    Or have I made a mistake going with WordPress – or is there just a simple way for me to do this myself. I’m not a coder – just a graphic designer and content writer. Any help most desperately appreciated. I’ve been working on solving this for DAYS now 🙂

    Nice plugin…but I ended up using this wordpress salespage theme.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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