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  • Now that I’ve actually got some emails going out to my list, I’m noticing some odd quirks.

    First, if you include a link to a blob page, it treats it as if the link will be displayed on the blog… and removes a lot of the stuff at the beginning. For instance:
    On my Blog
    A link to:
    will become:
    However, a link to:
    Will be left entirely unaltered.

    What this means, is that it is difficult to link to anything on my own blog if I am sending out these emails… which I need to be able to do for affiliate reasons.

    The other annoying thing is that it keeps knocking off the special tags like <?Name?> and most importantly <?Unsubscribe?>. They save just fine, however, if you go back and try to edit the message again, then those tags are gone. They do not disappear from the title, presumably because it isn’t formatted, just plain text.

    These seem to be in direct conflict with the way the email editor needs to work. There are ways around these issues, but they require a bit of work and knowledge of the issues. I’m not even sure how to go about fixing this, other than making a unique and modified version of the editor that ignores these issues and allows it to behave the way it should.

    I just figured I would let you know what was going on.
    I know you’re working hard on these and I still love the plugin.
    Keep up the good work.

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  • You are telling me all the things I need to hear! I will look at TinyMCE configuration to see if something can be done. The other issue you mentioned as well will be can be dealt with in the next version.

    Thank you and everyone for all your efforts with developing this software.

    I tested the TinyMCE problem and it did not shorten my url. It was copied and received in the email intact as both an href link field and also when written out as plain-text.

    I tested with an entire new copy of WordPress I downloaded yesterday. Are you using the latest version of WordPress? Possibly something different in the TinyMCE they packaged other versions with? I can include a copy with the plugin if it seems required.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Alright, I am using the latest version of WP. I’ll lay out exactly what I do to get this result:

    I add the link through the add link button in html mode
    The link must be formatted exactly like the blog’s url structure. Simply removing the www can keep the urls from being shortened.
    Upon switching to text mode, the link is shown as being shortened.

    It does the same thing in the testbed that you set up.
    Check Testbed6 on the 59th day called “shortened URL”

    A new release (v2.1.2) of the autoresponder is available. The proper TinyMCE.init configuration is now used to prevent conversion from absolute to relative urls.

    If you are creating messages with html links in the TinyMCE editor you need to install the latest version of the autoresponder (v2.1.2).

    By default TinyMCE will strip the local domain from your links and convert them to relative paths. This obviously isn’t wanted in email links! Sorry and thanks to nthnlsmmrs for his efforts with this plugin.

    Works like a charm. Thanks man. ^_^

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