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  • Plugin Author infogurke


    I don’t know Subscribe to Comments Now!, but Gurken Subscribe to Comments is 100% compatible to the original version.

    You can try the Gurken version and move back to the original one later if you don’t like it. But you shouldn’t uninstall one of the plugins. If you uninstall one of the plugins it would remove the subscription data from the database.

    I would make a sql dump, uninstall one of the plugins and restore the database table “wp_comments”.

    Another approach could be: just try it 😉



    Thanks, infogurke.

    Installed Gurken Subscribe to Comments, deactivated Mark’s version, activated Gurken, and deleted Mark’s version via FTP. Database not changed, so far as I can tell. All the subscriptions are there.

    StCN! is also working just fine.

    Looks like it’s a go! Great work on the plugin, by the way. 🙂

    Edit (+10 minutes): I especially like the custom style options for the subscription manager. In just a few minutes, I got the management interface looking like a page on my site. 😀

    @voyagerfan5761 so you said that you un-installed Mark Jaquith’s plugin and installed the Gurken one and that all the subscriptions are still the same and working?

    EDIT: I suppose it’d work since it’s the same plugin plus more hehe… I’mma try it… 😀



    @trusktr: Correct. I detailed the procedure step-by-step on the WordPress Stack Exchange. Good luck!

    I will reiterate: Don’t use WordPress’ plugin manager to delete the old one. There’s a chance it’ll remove the subscriptions from the database. Use FTP or SSH.

    Hey guys, you may want to give a try to this new plugin

    I’ve used the original StC as a starting point, but the code has been entirely rewritten from the ground up, new features have been added, and a new flexible management interface has been released.

    Let me know what you think!



    camu, you might want to warn people that “imports Subscribe to Comments data” means “copies and then deletes”. I can’t switch back to Mark’s or Gurken’s plugins without restoring a database backup.

    Or am I missing something?

    That said, while I was thinking of going back, I do like the new management interface you created. Is there a way to “show all subscribers” like in the other plugins?

    I also think it’s unnecessary to create a special page for the plugin to display errors and management forms; it clutters up the list of pages. Why not just use a query parameter like the older plugins?

    (Also, when you get a chance, could you test your plugin’s settings interface in Fluency Admin? It has some display issues.)



    Oh, why not? *starts new thread under the forum for camu’s plugin*

    Yes, you’re right about the data being “imported” from the old plugin. The old structure can be recreated, if you want to go back to the other plugin (why would you want to do that?) with a specific SQL query. I’ll post some information about it in my support forum at

    Thanks for pointing that out!

    Before installing camu’s plugin as a replacement for Mark Jacquith’s Subscribe to Comment or Gurken Subscribe to Comments, you might want to read carefully this Subscribe to Comments Reloaded discussion.

    We ended up almost getting banned from several major email ISP (Yahoo, EarthLink) for sending out emails to spam addresses. Plus despite claims to the contrary, there is no reverse compatibility or migration path back to Gurken or Mark Jacquith’s plugins.

    What are you talking about? I love this plugin 🙂

    You loser, I know it’s you who are mass voting my plugin with 1 star to lower the score! I hope you go out of business soon, freak!


    Camu, frankly Beatrice54 looks like a sock puppet with zero user history before making the comment above. As do dieglo here and carmela79 here.

    If you think there has been any impropriety in voting I suggest you have check the logs for voting on your plugin.

    At Foliovision, we have neither the time nor the inclination to tamper with plugin voting. You should be more careful before making wild accusations like this.

    Alec Kinnear
    Creative Director

    Hi Alec,

    I guess you’ve never heard of the word FRIENDS. Camu told me and a few other friends what was going on, so we felt we wanted to contribute to the discussion. As I said, I’ve never had a problem with Camu’s plugin, that’s why I’ve never posted to his forum. Actually, I didn’t even know these forums existed 🙂


    Great, sock puppets. Thanks for signing up just to post the WP community the words camu put in your mouth.



    What’s this spurt of activity on my old thread?


    Camu, is beatrice54 a sock puppet or truly a friend of yours (someone else)? I would honestly have reservations about using a plugin by an author who resorts to sock-puppetry. All plugins I use are credited on my About page, with backlinks.

    I think your plugin is better than the others. I will make sure I have cast a vote on it.

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