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  • Several plugins I have tried recently involve not only copying a file to the plugins directory and activating it, but also changing the content in multiple files in multiple themes (if you are using theme-switch capabilities). Of course if you upgrade WP to a newer version all of this hacking outside of the plugin directory will potentially be lost and break your site. Is there some way to streamline this process? Just copy and activate, boom — you’re done?

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  • It really just depends on the plugin and what it’s trying to do. Some plugins you just activate and you’re done, others will require that you add code to your index.php file or some other file. That’s just how plugins work. Best way is to keep a list of what plugins you use and what you’ve changed to make upgrading easier.

    I guess I was wondering if plugins could be set up to where, if I hit the ‘activate’ button all of the code hacking in other files would be handled automagically. That would help a lot.

    Not sure if that’s possible to edit other php files from another php file. I could be wrong since my php coding isn’t that great, but other than editing databases from php, i don’t think you can edit other php files like that.

    sooooo……….I guess WordPress would have to shift to a more database-centric structure for that to happen? hmmm…….ok, thanks for the feedback though 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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