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    Hi there,

    We’re building a service to guide both new & experienced WordPress users through the process of building an online content-based business. As part of it, we’d like to offer a free plugin hosted on — installing it will allow us to guide users in a well-defined context. The first version of it would simply add links to the user’s WP admin panel (e.g.: process/guide, keyword research, forums, etc.). When you select a link, the relevant part of our service would be loaded via an iFrame in the main WP admin window.

    On reading through the submission guidelines:

    We’d expect our Plugin to fall under ‘Serviceware’, but wanted to confirm with you that it would not be considered ‘Trialware’ — while the service does have a free version with limited access (that could be considered the basic service), the plugin itself would not have any restrictions. Moreover, the free version does not have any time-based limitations on functionality.

    Can you let us know if our assumptions are correct?


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  • Hello! 🙂

    That sounds OK to me as long as you’re upfront about the plugin loading content from another site (ie yours) in the plugin’s readme.txt file. There are a few plugins already hosted here that offer a cutdown (or “lite”) version of a full commercial version. Again, I’d suggest making it very clear that the free version only has a sub-set of features in the readme.txt file.

    The acid test, however, is always going to be submitting the plugin and seeing how it goes.

    Thanks Mel, much appreciated!

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