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  • GTS Support is non-existent! I realize I’m using the free plugin, but I wanted to test drive before using. It worked properly for a few weeks, if that, then has not worked since.

    I’ve sent an email, I’ve gone to their site and left a message via their Zopim widget, and I’ve posted on this site and have yet to received feedback. Seems like from the other responses, I’m not the only one not getting feedback. I really liked this plugin and was hoping it would work, but alas I’m going to the GoogleTranslate plugin like some other unsatisfied users of this plugin have done.

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  • I think it has been ditched, never responded to me either ignorant ba**tards, all they did was leave my site with around 8000 404 errors. Thankfully though after getting rid of it a few months ago, my traffic has continued to increase even though still all the errors show.

    Plugin Author davegrun


    Hello, the GTS plugin was not ditched and we came out with a new release only a few weeks ago. The plugin is being used successfully by close to 1,000 websites and has been downloaded over 17,000 times. It does not work on all WP installations and at this time we are not offering paid support. There is no need to bad-mouth a free service which has been developed at great costs for the benefits of our users.

    @Shaunboy, if you send me the website name we will be able to remove all you from our system entirely.

    @at Admin, I sent you an email a two weeks ago asking for more details. Please post the information so we can try and help.

    Hello davegrun,

    My apologies, I never received an email from you, for whatever reason, so again my apologies.

    I did update the plugin when you came out with your recent update, but I’m now being given “GTS Plugin was unable to contact translation server: Please try editing your post again, later.

    When I go to the GTS setting it say, “The GTS API is currently not reachable…you won’t be able to change language selection…” and it will not allow me to add / choose / change any language settings.

    Lastly, I went into and it is now (this is new) telling me “It appears that you don’t have any blogs assigned to you…

    I’m not sure what’s going on. I would be appreciative if you could help resolve this.

    davegrun can you also remove me from the system please, I have thousands of 404 errors now from when I started this plugin, url is

    Also can you tell me if by removing me will this fix all the thousands of 404 errors I have, or is there something more I need to do afterwards.

    Also personally speaking, this plugin should not even be allowed to be downloaded via wordpress, all you have to do is google it to see the sheer amount of people having to get rid of it and sort out a big mess left behind.

    I have no question it could be an amazing tool, but why on Earth is it creating the thousand of 404 pages, which probably most likely will never even get translated.

    Please update this topic when I have been removed, and also if anything else I should do to sort the mess, I would appreciate.

    Plugin Author davegrun


    @wherewhy, after checking I can say with certainty that is not registered or connected with the GTS API at all. Furthermore, I can’t see any 404 errors on your site. In Google you have about 950 pages which are indexed. In Bing you only have about 300 pages. And none of the indexed pages are translated pages. So how can you have ‘thousands of 404 errors’ when you only have a few hundred pages indexed? At any rate 404s are not coming from our plugin.

    About your other comment: ‘this plugin should not even be allowed to be downloaded via wordpress:’ I repeat that we have hundreds of satisfied users that are getting fantastic results with our plugin. I regret that you are not one of them.

    Plugin Author davegrun


    @at Admin, thanks. Please provide the URL of the site where the plugin is installed. If you don’t feel comfortable with posting it online, please send it to me offline to davidg at gts-translation dot com.

    and a ton of other people have the same problem, how can you justify even letting people use this plugin is a mystery.

    To say my site did not have your plugin or was installed ever and connected is an insult, and if that was a genuine reply, then it shows your lack of knowledge with this plugin completely.

    Plugin Author davegrun


    @wherewhy Nobody wants to insult you.

    Your site evidently had the plugin installed at some point but now it is not registered in our system. Perhaps you are seeing the 404s because after you removed the plugin, the translated pages and associated URLs no longer exist.

    The 404s you see in Google Webmaster are not indexed in Google or Bing so nobody can see them, unless you linked them up somewhere. In due time your Google Webmaster will remove the 404s-perhaps submit a sitemap and they will go away quicker. I looked at Alexa and your site seems to be getting more-and-more traffic each day. I can’t see why you are railing against our free plugin.

    The thing is your plugin did not translate 8000+ pages, in the whole mnonth or so it was active I think around 10 pages were translated.

    I am not telling anyone not to use the plugin, I just think it causes some people misery they would rather not have.

    Tons of people noticed a downwards spike in traffic when suddenly their webmasters area was filled with tens of thousands of errors, and that is still while the plugin is active. All my errors were when the plugin was active also.

    Only reason my traffic is growing was because I keep working. I would have loved this plugin had it gave “zero” errors. I think anyone who installs this and a few weeks later see thousands of errors from it are going to panic, if I was you cant you work around that so it just functions as it should and gives no 404’s.

    davegrun, where can I send the URL’s that I need to have removed as I have 4 different sites with hundreds of 404 errors, please advise, thank you




    I’m getting messages such as “GTS: The post is midway through the translation post-edit process. Please publish again after the process has been completed”.

    Could you check things on your end? It seems to me like something is stuck somewhere. I find the GTS workbench is very slow and am not able to use it to look to see if the posts are there for review or not anymore.

    An example of a page that I’m trying to get translated to French is:

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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