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  • The idea of the Gtranslate plugin is great. But if you buy this plugin, be prepared to spend hours of time integrating it, waiting for the author of the plugin to reply. Check his forum. You will see is buried in support requests. If you read the forum carefully, many users complain that their site is broken or not responding, and the plugin author is too busy to respond, so the users’ sites are in limbo during this time. If you rely on your web site for business, this will be unacceptable. And no amount of pleas will make a difference to the plugin author, he is simply too busy, even if he does care. Then, after you spend hours working on his implementation, he belittles you if you can not follow his very complex instructions. The plugin cost me hours of lost time, hours of downtime, lost revenue and very unhappy clients. And after all that, if you still can’t get it to work, then good luck getting a refund. The author will cite his 30 day policy and rebuff. Beware!

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  • Thanks for your review and comments.

    I have been testing the plugin for a while on our main website. Its actually very easy to intergrate no problems there. The plugin does as it says and works very well.

    However it dramaticaly slowed our website down to the point of almost being unusable.

    I dont think the plugin is to blame its quite possibly because it needs to communicate with google and do the translation then serve the new page. That i believe is what takes the time.

    Like the above commenter mention in the beginning great concept but just not ready for primetime, unless the author can find a way of speeding up the way the translation works.

    I’m not sure if the speed problem is related to google because if you install google translator directly from google: then the speed is very fast. I also like the plugin idea but, once installed, my website slows done very much. I think it’s related to the amount/quality of code included in the plugin. Also, in the previous version I was able to add the translation drop-down into my website header using php code but since the last update the option is gone 🙁

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