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    This is almost certainly a theme issue, since GHPSEO does nothing at all with page output until or unless 1) a theme calls on it to do something or 2) you enable ‘Sledgehammer Mode’ to try and modify the head section of your pages so you don’t have to insert a theme call yourself.

    Apart from the general troubleshooting advice of checking error logs, etc., my best suggestion would be to return to whatever theme configuration was working correctly for you before you used GHPSEO and go from there.

    All the best,

    Interesting, although I’ve been using the same theme for over a year, I can’t rule out there might have been some odd change. I just don’t understand why it loads when you are enabled, and won’t when you are not. No sledgehammer mode for certain.

    Thank you for your time sir, I’ll have to figure it out somehow. I can enable and disable every other plugin (I’ve actually tried) and the only time the site won’t load is when I disable yours.


    casca, did you resolve this?

    No, I’m stuck with Greg’s plugin. Everything I’ve tried has not worked. Any thoughts?

    Plugin Contributor gregmulhauser


    In order to troubleshoot the problem, I’d suggest trying to nail down exactly what is happening when you say your “site won’t load” — i.e., check error log, try a different theme, etc. Too many things can be included under “site won’t load”.

    The only other thing I can think of is that if your theme somewhere has function calls that are asking GHPSEO for output, and your theme is not checking first to see whether those functions exist, then of course turning off the plugin would break the site — not because you’ve turned it off per se, but because your theme is calling a function that does not exist. (This is covered in the plugin FAQ.)

    All the best,

    This: <?php ghpseo_output(‘main_title’); ?> was in my header. I never used Sledgehammer mode, and I never inserted it. (Then again, I may have clicked Sledgehammer mode out of curosity when I first installed it).

    Regardless, this is resolved.

    If you are having the same problem go into your header file and remove : <?php ghpseo_output(‘main_title’); ?>

    Thanks for the point in right direction Greg, I appreciate your time and effort.

    In addition:

    <?php ghpseo_output(‘description’); ?>
    <?php ghpseo_output(‘secondary_title’); ?>
    was in my singlepost file as well it needs to be removed.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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