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  • Jack Yan


    I give kudos to Greg for his High Performance SEO. For webmasters who want control over their meta tags and do not trust the automatic generation of other plug-ins (many of which are awful), this is the way to go.

    Also, Greg’s plug-in has legacy support, so you can put his in and disable the old ones without your old keywords and descriptions getting wiped.

    I have used it to replace Autometa (which now deletes your manually entered keywords with 2.9 and substitutes its own) and Headspace, and it works wonderfully as a successor.

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  • Hey, many thanks to Jack Yan for such positive feedback on the plugin — I really appreciate it, and I’m glad to know it’s working well for you.

    All the best,

    Hi greg,

    can your plugin rewrite the categories titles and descriptions one by one? I have checked it and I just see how to configure all the category archives in general but not one by one like in headspace.

    It will be nice if you can do it.


    Hi antorome,

    As GHPSEO is designed with speed and efficiency in mind, it does not duplicate the functionality for setting category descriptions one by one which is already included in WordPress — although it does enable you to make use of those category descriptions directly in the page body content as well as in the head content. As you’ve noted, it also provides global modifications for category archive titles and separate modifications for titles displayed in page body content.

    Each plugin strikes a different balance between completeness and efficiency, with some being both wildly inefficient and wildly incomplete and others being both wildly complete and wildly inefficient. GHPSEO makes a good choice for folks who 1) want to tweak more than just the space between their head tags, and 2) value a high (but obviously not perfect) degree of both efficiency and completeness.

    All the best,

    Hi GregMulhauser,

    I need to know if your plugin give the posiblity to rewrite the post titles with something like this: CategoryParent-Subcategory-PostTitle.


    Hi ctasmoreno85,

    The easiest way to find out what it can do is to try it and see. Combined with the documented API it provides for modifying its output, a couple of lines of PHP dropped into your own functions.php can extend it well beyond the myriad capabilities which are already built it. (Generally speaking, the folks who actually need high performance SEO are pretty eager to dive into the details of the robust platform that the plugin provides. Folks who are less keen — or who don’t actually need the full capabilities of the plugin — are better off using something else.)

    All the best,

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