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  • Hi,

    I have your plugin working great, exactly what I needed to do. Thanks a lot!!!

    However I have it all working manually as a test

    i.e. I manually append my page url with the form in it with the post id “?gform_post_id=476”

    In the plugin description you write we need to pass this ID to the page. I guess this is passed dynamically somehow but I have no clue how to do it or where to get started.

    Can the post id be passed through based on the post assigned to the author? For example my Authors will only have 1 post. So when they visit the page with the form, is it possible that based on their user_login we can detect their post_id associated with them and pass that through to the URL so the correct content is displayed?

    Thanks in advance

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  • redwall,

    I have the same question. I am able to get the post id from the associated user based on the login id and it’s ready to be passed in but it looks like the plugin only wants this from the query string (gform_post_id=476) and not through a variable passed from the page template. I don’t want to expose the post id at all and need to have it pulled directly from the page template based on my application logic. Have you been able to get this to work by passing the post id directly?

    It doesn’t look like the plugin author is responding to support in this forum. I will try an email directly and see if I get a response.



    The topic is quite old but for all people looking for a solution.
    Read this topic [ ] ->jcow’s answer.




    Have any of you managed to get this to work?

    Posted 5 months ago #

    This is my update.

    Overview | Download

    This is still being tested by me, but it is working for what I need so far. I needed to remove GET variable dependancy and to be able to update files. The file part isn’t very graceful, but it is working.

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