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  • Thanks for the great plugin. I have created a custom post type that is populated using a Gravity Form, and I am having trouble with updating a “file upload” field. Also, conditional fields are not showing up in the “Edit” form.

    I have created a Gravity form for editing the custom post, and I have the file upload field in case users want to update their submitted file. However, when a user updates the post using your plugin, it creates a new custom field with the same field name as the original file e.g.

    file1 ->
    file1 ->

    So it is not replacing the original file upload, but instead creating a new custom field with the same name. When I edited the gravity form and selected “Unique Custom Field?”, it changed the value from a file URL to an Array. Is there a way where it can just replace the existing file URL with the new URL?

    With conditional fields, what I’m finding is that when the edit form has conditional field e.g. select a category, then show the subcategories for that category – the existing values are not being selected on the edit form. Because nothing is selected, when a user clicks “Update”, they lose the original values (e.g. in the Categories case, it reverts to the default category since a selection wasn’t made).

    Thanks for your help.

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  • They dont seem to update the plugin, having problems too

    I am having the exact same issue! The file upload creates an array instead of overwriting what exist there already! Therefore in PHP when I try to display the image it won’t work as it gets an array instead of a URL.

    Did you have any luck solving this? I have contacted GF as it might be their issue? not sure…but I have exact same scenario with my custom post type…

    If you have fixed this would be great to hear!

    @rob01 – I was able to fix my array issue by editing my php template to basically pick the last URL in the array. I asked a question over at stack overflow here

    Hope that helps maybe with your array issue of choosing the latest file…

    I am still having more issues..wish the authors of this plugin would get back to us…seems like it is unfortunately a dead plugin…

    Thanks redwall, sorry for not getting back to you – I never got around to fixing it, so thanks for letting me know how it’s done!

    no problem man, I hope it can help. Also worth noting that someone in that same question posted up some jquery solution for overwriting the field. I have not tried it yet, but might also be another solution that could work for you.

    Check the box “Unique Custom Field” to make it replace the current custom field rather than add a new one.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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