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  • I also just tried submitting a donation and it did no work either. Do you have the correct API keys inserted in the settings? Ajax enabled? Do you have any additional gravity forms add-ons installed? Have you tried deactivating other plugins?

    I have a version here that’s working fine for our haiti trip deposits.

    Thanks for the reply, looks like enabling ajax was it. I tried that before disabling the MailChimp add-on and other plugins since they’re crucial, fortunately that seemed to be it. I didn’t notice anywhere in the add-on to enable ajax, why is that necessary?

    Looks like you guys are doing some great work with RFA.

    Sure! It’s a known feature of this plugin and has been talked about here at github. It’s necessary because it’s “hooking into the Gravity Forms AJAX to do all the Stripe stuff.”

    Thanks, you guys as well!

    hi all, i’m getting the same error on one form, invalid token id (but i am using AJAX), and then on another form, i just submit again and again, and it just reloads the page. i can hit submit again and again, and nothing ever comes through. i’ll pay to get some quick help on this — anyone up for the challenge?

    Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    Hi robriggs, sounds like you’re using an old version of the plugin. Are you sure you checked the box to “Enable AJAX” when you inserted the form on your page?

    I can take a look at it for you now in exchange for a donation.

    Hi Naomi, thanks for your speedy reply! I am using the latest version posted (0.1.3) on WP 3.3.2. I made sure that the form is using the Gravity AJAX control. It seems like I’ve done everything right, but it’s not working. I’m sure it’s something stupid that I’ll be embarrassed about, but I can’t figure it out after a few hours of poking and testing.

    Definitely will make a donation! If you want to look at it and let me know what’s a reasonable donation, I’ll be happy to do so.

    I’ll email credentials.


    Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    Turned out to be a conflict from the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin interfering with the JS. I recommend contacting the plugin author to see if they will fix, or doing without it.

    Thanks again Naomi. Best wishes…

    Me again.

    I added this to another domain, and am having the same issue, this time with ajax enabled. Based on the most recent posts above I tried disabling all non-gravityforms plugins to prevent interfering with the JS, but still the error still showed up.

    Plugin v 0.1.3, WP v 3.3.2

    Any other suggestions?


    I just discovered I am again receiving the invalid token id error on the first domain and form that started this thread. It had worked previously, and now it is not working but I can’t think of any recent changes that would have caused an issue.


    Plugin v 0.1.3, WP v 3.3.2

    Thanks again

    I would be willing to make a donation for some quick help on this

    Turned out updating to the most recent version of GravityForms is what broke it. Reverted to instead of and it seems to work now.



    I can confirm that reverting to GF resolved the issue for me too.

    Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    hey guys, there is an updated version of the plugin that works with the latest version of Gravity Forms and fixes all of the issues reported thus far but it’s only been available to those that have donated – as I’ve been personally corresponding and working with them. I plan on making it available here in another week or two.



    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately we already lost one back to PayPal, the other should stick with Stripe.

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