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  • I am happy to donate, notice I said donate, for a plugin that is proven to work.

    What I resent is being held hostage and being told that if I make a mandatory donation, I will get the latest plugin, and maybe it will work.

    Is this not the point of open source software? If you use it and you like it, then donate to the cause.

    Am I off base here?

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  • Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    Hi Michael, I remember you from our email where you offered your professional beta testing services to me and I informed you that I was done with user testing and prepping the update for official release here on the repository. I did ask you to donate in exchange for support, when I thought you were originally asking for help with the plugin, as I do not provide free support.

    Here’s the original email thread in case you’ve gotten our conversation mixed up with someone else’s and are not intending to maliciously give inaccurate information:

    [email removed]

    You are correct. I do not need your support. I am happy that you created this plugin open source.

    What I object to is that you require a donation in order to provide the new version. How do I know it even works? The spirit of open source is to provide a useful piece of software and if someone finds it useful, they should voluntarily donate, not be extorted into making a donation.

    You have totally missed the community message here.

    Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    Michael, nowhere in our email conversation did I require you to make a donation in order to provide you a new version. The code for this plugin is freely available here on the repository, and an update will be released here also as soon as it’s ready.

    Thank you for considering my plugin, but I’m not quite sure what you hope to gain by posting here (incorrectly) about being extorted. Perhaps another plugin would be a better fit for you.

    The plugin in the repository does not work with GF 1.6.7. Everything I read says ‘for a donation’ you can get the new one.

    Some of the posts have even censored you for ‘offering paid services’.

    I really do not have time for banter. If that is the way you operate, then I will have one written instead.

    BTW, your donate page is a disgrace to GF. It does not work.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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