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  • Have a custom field in salesforce that lists product names. When a prospect completes the form, we want them to select the product(s) that they have interest.

    In salesforce:

    Field Label Product_Picklist Object Name Lead
    Field Name Product_Picklist Data Type Picklist (Multi-Select)
    API Name Product_Picklist__c
    Description Product listing
    Help Text Please pick products (multiple products can be selected)

    With a hand coded form, I could do this – however I am lost on how to implement this with Gravity Forms – have tried various options and things with little to no success

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  • Moderator cubecolour



    As this is a commercial plugin you need to ask this on the Gravity Forms support forum – which is where all the experts on this will be anyway.

    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    @cubecolour, this is a free, non-commercial add-on plugin to a commercial plugin. This is the proper place for the question.

    You need to add Product_Picklist__c to the Parameter Name field that appears when you check the “Allow field to be populated dynamically” checkbox in the field’s “Advanced” tab.

    I have done so with no luck.

    The FAQ also mentions it is possible to put this in the Admin Label field. This did not work either.

    I have also tried entering Product_Picklist__c in the following combinations:

    Admin Label
    Parameter Name
    both Admin Label and Parameter Name

    Values make it to Salesforce for all input fields except for the picklist.

    here is the web address of the form on the staging server – I am using a Multi-set field on the form for the picklist

    I have tried selecting a single item and multiple items from the picklist with no success.

    [SOLVED] – salesforce.php was missing the case for a multi-set field from Gravity forms. Code was always looking for an Array in “inputs” when form meta table has it listed under “choices”. Other challenge was pulling the correct data from the $_POST. Had to make additional modes to be able to use the php implode already in the code.

    Many print and print_r later with die() enabled I have it working and imports properly into salesforce.

    Currently working to get Web-To-Case working – need to add variable to Form Settings page and check while in the push function to select the correct serverlet from Salesforce

    @lshade – I think I’m having the exact same issue: mapping custom fields from Gravity Form via the Salesforce plugin into Salesforce. Every fields works perfectly except getting checkboxes into a picklist.

    Sounds like your solution does the trick. Would you be willing to post the additions/edits you made to the salesforce.php doc? Or maybe that and your revised php file?

    Thanks in advance!

    Here is a link to a page with the php/plugin file.

    Gravity Forms for Salesforce Fix

    Thank you! Will give this a shot and post back.

    Hello again lshade! I know you don’t provide any support for this plugin mod, but wonder if you could shed any light on this – I swapped the salesforce.php file for your version, and the form functions on the front end and looks fine in the back end, but then when you hit submit, you get this dump of raw data:
    (screen capture of the first part of it)

    Any ideas at all on what I’m doing wrong? I’m using GravityForms Version and WordPress 3.3.1. Thanks in advance for any help or advaice you can offer! Cheers,


    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    You need to remove line 501 from the modified plugin.

    Here’s the code you need to remove:
    print "form meta array ==>"; print_r($form_meta); print "<br />";die();

    Hi Zack, that solved the data dump issues, thanks! Now I’m seeing the information over in Salesfoce, but it’s not quite there:

    I’ve got a checkboxes field in GravityForms with four options, I’ve selected “allow field to be populated dynamically,” and then put the API name from Salesforce in for the parameter name.

    But from there, all I see in Salesforce picklist results is:

    array, array, array, array

    So it’s seeing something, just not the correct values quite yet. Any other help or advice would be massively appreciated! Thanks guys,


    Yes either remove or comment out the print statement above. I thought I had commented these out. I left them in for debugging purposes when trying to get this to work with the web-to-case.

    I also tried checking the “enable values” box in GravityForms, thinking perhaps those values were what need to populate the “array” field in Salesforce, but got this DB/PHP error when I hit submit:

    View post on

    Again, huge thanks in advance to you guys for helping me out on this!


    Hey guys, just checking to see if anybody had any other suggestions? If not I totally appreciate your help thus far!

    Am going to keep trying to get this thing working, if not, I can always resort to dumping the Salesforce code directly into WordPress….not pretty, but it will get the job done.



    Plugin Contributor Zack Katz


    In a week, I’ll be releasing a new version of the plugin that allows you to map fields using the Gravity Forms “Feed” method. You’ll be able to choose what objects (including custom objects) and what fields to create.

    Awesome! Thanks Zack, looking forward to it!

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