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  • Hi,

    I have configured to use this plugin to display my entries in a directory format, but some stuffs are not right.
    1- In the lightbox setting ‘Set what type of links should be loaded in the lightbox (lightboxsettings)’, I have selected all the choices, so I was expecting my entries to open in a lightbox. It didn’t.
    It opened in a new page that has nothing but the table that contains all the fields (yes, I did opt to use table format), and an ugly permalink (
    I’d really prefer for the entry to “actually” open in the lightbox.
    2- The category name itself looks something like this: A1写字楼. And this is also the value of the field if I see it from the back end or the post. But when it’s shown in the directory view (it works fine in single page view), it became A1写字楼:1. What happened here?
    3- I have configured a Post Body field that’s supposed to be viewed by admin only (because I actually use it to parse all the contents). I did not check this option ” Show Admin-Only columns (in Gravity Forms, Admin-Only fields are defined by clicking the Advanced tab on a field in the Edit Form view, then editing Visibility > Admin Only) (showadminonly)”, yet the text box show up when I edit the entry. Why?
    4- I have a field with multi-select value (checkboxes). From the backend entry view, I can see the associated value. But from the front-end directory view, I see nothing.


    PS: is it possible to configure the actual (associated) post to be shown (instead of the single view) when the entry is clicked on?
    PPS: I’m working in a localhost environment, so I can’t show any links. But if you need any information, I can show them via screenshots.

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  • Just a note for Q3, I have also configured the field to “hide” in both directory and single page view. Yet it shows up on edit entry, again.
    In addition, a hidden field that I’ve configured to “hide” in both directory and single page view somehow show up in the edit entry page, weird.


    I have removed the category from showing up. I guess that patches up the problem from my end, but it’s still kind of weird. Is $field[“value”] used or is $entry used instead?


    Knock knock, is anyone here?

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